HOLA Seaweed Moisturising Natural Skincare

As a beauty blogger, I find myself trailing a range of new skincare products every couple of months. Though I’m usually quite picky about what sort of products go on my skin, I’ve learnt from past experiences to understand my skin type. It’s no surprise now that you’ve probably seen me talk about hydration and moisture boosters often on my blog.

I chose a few products from the Seaweed range to incorporate into my daily skincare regiment, which includes its main ingredient: seaweed extract that helps to hydrate, freshen and moisturise skin.

“The most simple and effective ingredients, brings you the most natural and healthy skin care”. – HOLA.

*Seaweed Moisturising Eye Cream 25g

I’ve only started using this eye cream recently and though it hasn’t been a long enough time, I can tell you now I already love it. After having a meltdown and crying my eyes out 2 weeks ago, I used this eye cream to see if it could help to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. The answer is YES! Now, this product has become part of my morning beauty routine where I also experience lack of sleep. The cooling sensation of this light baby blue shade jelly-like-gel consistency, as you pat gently under your eyes is so lovely and keeps that area hydrated all day. It’s also great for minimising the appearances of dark circles, shadows, wrinkles and can help to improve skin firmness.

*Seaweed Moisturising Essence 30ml

I personally have not used a moisturising essence in my skincare regiment though have been curious about them. For me, this is similar to Hylamide’s low-molecular ha serum, which shares the transparent, rich and thick serum consistency, minus the seaweed extract ingredient. I found that you needed to apply the product by massaging with your fingertips into the skin, as it would dry quickly which can leave the skin feeling a little tacky at times. So far, I haven’t seen any changes to the appearance of my skin other than the obvious hydrating benefit. This essence felt more like a serum than anything I had expected and perhaps I needed to continue to use it to see if there are any major changes. If you use it regularly, this claims to help with minimising pore size, wrinkles and leaves skin looking firm and radiant.

*Seaweed Moisturising Repair Cream 50g

This is my favourite out of the trio. It reminds me of my most favourite HG moisturising gel-creams from Clinique, Tony Moly and Sunday Riley. This moisturising repair cream consistency are quite similar, but works so well for dry-dehydrated skin types. When applied to clean skin, this light baby blue shade moisturiser with a high concentrate of seaweed extract is easily absorbed, leaving a beautifully plumped, and healthy nourished skin. I can tell you how much my skin has been enjoying this, especially as it has become my go-to evening moisturiser. Though it’s hard to tell at this point whether my skin’s elasticity has improved, but with regular usage, I can follow up later with a more detailed review of this product.

You can find the full range of HOLA skincare at the Glamourflage brick-n-motar store at Melbourne Central and on their website.

Have you tried any of the HOLA skincare products? Which range is your favourite?


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