How I Deal With Pesky Spots & Breakouts During That Time Of The Month


That time of the month is usually the only time my skin experiences spots and breakouts. I can go through each month picking at my spots, which will leave scarring or I use products that can help  clear up those pesky spots quickly, which is the route I have taken for the past few months.

Blemish Control Pore Perfecting Toner 125ml $13.95*

The pore perfecting toner contains 3 key ingredients: eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and quince. These help to reduce acne causing bacteria on the skin and redness associated to breakouts. It also aids to reduce the appearance of redness and refine skin texture by limiting skin shine.

The pore perfecting toner is my step 2 after cleansing my skin. I found this product to  have a mild antiseptic type scent that is not overwhelming as it fades after use. The toner itself is gentle, as you soak a makeup round pad and wipe over face minus the eye area. It helps to soothe, calm, leaves a fresh and clean matte skin.

I have large pores around my cheeks and while this may be one of many contributing products in helping to reduce the size of them, it also helped to minimise scarring from my picked spots. I have combination-dry and sensitive skin type, and this didn’t anger my dry skin or made my skin oilier, it just controlled sebum and calmed down redness associated to pesky spots and inflamed surrounding skin. This is great for all skin types and those especially with more oily skin.

Blemish Control Spot Banishing Gel 15ml $9.95*

The spot banishing gel 3 key ingredients include willowherb, quince and salicylic acid. These help to soothe acne prone skin, help to reduce appearance of redness, and refine skin texture. It also helps to dissolve bacteria and dead skin cell build up, which we know creates congestion and breakouts.

Like the toner, the banishing gel shares similar scent which is not a deterrent for me. It has a nice light cream-gel texture (which can be used under makeup), I used this product only as a spot treatment and apply to areas where I breakout (usually on my forehead, jawline and chin). I have used a few other products similar in the past that is suppose to help with my breakouts when I was a teenager, but nothing like this has helped to clear them up fast.

The redness of these pesky spots and blemishes are reduced and after using it for a good 4 days, there were hardly a scar visible and it went away like you never even had spots popped up to begin with. This product is also suitable for all skin types and especially for those with oily skin types.

Overall, I am impressed with just how amazing these products have worked for my hormonal spots and blemishes that I experience during that time of the month. I now rarely pick at my spots and instead use the spot banishing gel as a last step to my skincare routine. You can find the full Sukin Skincare collection including the Blemish Control range at your nearest Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Flora and Fauna online and in store nationally, and via: