How I Edit My Instagram Photos

How I Edit My Instagram Photos 4

Recently, I have been getting questions about how I edit my instagram photos and there really is not much to it. I am no way a professional photographer, but I do like experimenting with filters and lighting and am your average amateur photography enthusiast. 

I know there are hundreds of different apps out there that can do a variety and if not endless ways to edit a photo. I prefer to use at the very least 2 apps when I edit, but occasionally, I can get away with just 1 app to do everything and post directly to instagram.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos 2

Editing a photo is one thing, but you need to keep it consistent if you want your photos to look a certain way. For instance, my current theme is featuring a white background. To me a white background gives a clean, fresh and crisp look, which I love generally and something I enjoy when looking at interiors. I like minimalist finishes and a modern take on photographs.

iPhone Apps I used to edit my Instagram Photos

FaceTune. This is my most used app to edit on both my instagram photos, as well as blog photos. I used this app to play around with filters, in particular the lighting option. I especially rotate between Lighter, Expose and Darken, which enhances the look of my photos. This can help with backgrounds if it is not as white as you want it to look, but also brighten up your focal image–what you want to stand out. To whiten out the background, there is an option Whiten and I just use this until I am satisfied with how bright and white the background appears to me.
– Diptic. I occasionally use this when I have taken a photo in landscape and want a square or a 1:1 size photo, as this is my preferred photo orientation. You can also add some basic text and choose from a variety of photo collage designs.
PS Express. I do not use this often, but on rare occasions, I would use this to mainly coverup any blemishes on face photos. This is the iPhone version of photoshop.
Squaready. This is a great tool to use when you want to change the size of your photo, but know that it will only keep your photos on square orientation mode. If you want to change the size to landscape, I recommend you use Diptic.

IMG_7352How I Edit My Instagram Photos 3

To add extra text and arrows, I used my Macbook Air laptop, an application called preview photo. This is a standard app that is included with, when buying an Apple desktop or laptop. There is an option to edit your photo, which I find to be handy and is also what I used for my blog post photos.

What do you use to edit your photos for your instagram or blog posts?

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