How I Get Amazing Extreme Volume Lash Look With NUTRIMETICS


If you struggle with short or non-existent eyelashes, you want to know how you can get amazing, volumised false-looking lashes instantly. This is my daily struggle, I bet most of you who suffer from this know exactly that we are forever searching for that perfect mascara that could give length, volume or both for days.

This was brought to my attention recently, and while I’m a little sceptical about “extreme volume” type mascaras, I wasn’t about to give up on trying this new product from Nutrimetics. I have gone down the path of trying a bunch of mascaras that claim to do everything or this and that. I have loved some and hated others, so I think I know when one is a winner in my eyes.

*nc Extreme Volume Mascara 13ml $38

Let me introduce you to the nc extreme volume mascara. This product is also available in a waterproof version if that is your preferred preference. The nc extreme volume is described as a 12 hour full-volume, length & lift mascara, with an ultra creamy, weightless and nourishing formula. The mascara comes in a chubby black tube with a thick long wand and an oversized curved brush that can help give you an extreme curl.

The texture is creamy and consistency is weightless. When the first coat was applied, I could tell my lashes looked 10 times better than other mascaras I have used to try to get a similar effect. My lashes felt natural, soft and comfortable, but not dry and crunchy feel. While the formula is creamy, it has a dry finish that doesn’t transfer to my eye lids. It is flake-free, clump-free, no smudging or any irritation to my eyes, because it doesn’t have those annoying fibres that can sting the eye.

This mascara will give you those feather-soft, va-va-voom, sultry, full-volume lashes that (if you have used stick-on false lashes before) might have a similar effect. But instead of fiddling around with false lash glue, this mascara will solve your full-volume lash needs.

When I applied multiple coats, my lashes looked full without lashes feeling heavy or appear like the ugly spider look that you may experience with other mascaras. I also found that it lifted my lashes even when I didn’t use an eyelash curler. My lashes also appeared separated, defined and lifted. And one evening, I forgot I had it on, because it didn’t feel like I was wearing this mascara. I brushed my finger over my lashes and it felt so soft, fluffy and nourished (I think it’s due to the enriched ingredient–jojoba)! You need to try it. I really believe this mascara has made me fall in love with it. It is not everyday you find an amazing and possibly a perfect mascara that ticks the boxes.