How I Selfcare In Lockdown

You would think that being in lockdown would give me the luxury to pamper myself all the time. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. I have spent most of my lockdown home schooling my boys and struggling to balance mum life, housewife and me-time.

I have had to shift my me-time in the very late to early hours of the day, and all other hours are for my boys and family. I thought that my me-time, which consists of lengthy skincare routines, down-time (catching up watching tv/movies), photography and writing times. I have struggled in finding the motivation to also just get up and do things around the home.

Ever since, we hit our first official lockdown in Sydney back in late June, I knew I would struggle with this indefinite lockdown and extensions that followed. I’m sure I’m not the only one having to deal with mental health issues as well, amongst everything else in our lives. My routine has shifted so much that it has greatly affected my sleeping patterns, my mood swings, poor diet and not having the motivation to do any exercise. I tell myself I would start tomorrow and the next day procrastinate about it.

For the times I can safely say I have had the time for selfcare, though not as much as I freely used to indulge in–I realised we take advantage of those free times when things didn’t have restrictions–like going out to the shops, going out to exercise for more than 1 hour a day, and visiting family and friends. Face times and chats here and there are simply not enough, but we do with what we can at this time of our lives.

My skincare routines have almost become non-existent. I have decided that doing it twice daily was a luxury and surviving on once a day was enough for now. What am I saying? I have resorted to evening skincare routines and spend most of the night just before bed to do a 10 minute skincare routine. This is the best I can do for my skin right now and while I’m at home, I do at times apply sunscreen during the day (if I’m even bothered to remember, but sometimes there is no motivation to do anything). Even with the once a day skincare routine, I have had very minimal breakouts and skin issues. So maybe this skincare routine schedule isn’t so bad after all?!

Aside from skincare routines, I also enjoy watching Netflix shows like: A Typical and My Unorthodox Life. I have been trying to get back into watching K-Drama, but haven’t found anything exciting to sit down to watch. On regular tv, I have been watching Survivour Australia and The Bachelor Australia on channel 10. Then throughout the day regularly stay tuned with the news on covid19 updates and whatever else is happening around the world.

My blogging camera died recently. I am devastated as I have had it for so long that I didn’t think it would die before announcing the future of this blog. I am thinking about buying a replacement camera because I also use it to take my photos for Instagram. I have found that while my iPhone has great camera quality capturing capabilities, it doesn’t seem to be that great compared to a regular DLSR camera. I try to usually in between lunch breaks during the week to snap up some shots or over on the weekend if I can even be up in the morning to take some photos.

As for writing, it has been a long while I am able to write properly. This post is proof that I needed some time out of my lunch break to just squeeze in to write a post. My boys are doing their thing at the moment so this gives me some “me-time” to do some writing. I have my air-pods on so there are no distractions. I am currently listening to Daniel Caesar & H.E.R. – Best Part song.

Every weekend has been me sleeping in, which I never thought I would ever experience again, but while I do enjoy the sleep ins, it never quite work out as the typical sleep ins, just because by 9am, my boys are up and making a racket in the next room. I happily stay awake in bed scrolling through my phone and sometimes can be found asleep with a youtube video playing on my hand!

Selfcare hasn’t been as relaxing as I imagined it being and since in lockdown has brought upon us struggles, I have been working on not being so hard on myself and allow things to just flow.

I hope you are all taking care of yourself. Slow down and take it easy. x

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