How To Beat Dehydrated Skin In Winter With MURAD


In the middle of winter, the harsh dry and cold climate wreak havoc on my skin. It’s similar every year, but this year was at its worst. Dehydrated skin can be caused by a number of factors like: diet, the weather, taking hot or cold showers and sadly not applying skin products on the face properly or using the wrong skin products. There are probably more factors out there, but for me and others who struggle with this often blame the “weather”.

When the skin is dehydrated, it can cause a nasty breakout where more oils surface the skin for the lack of water, which leads to irritation and dry skin patches. It is important to have a general idea of the steps you follow when you begin your skincare routine. This is just a general guide and the order of products I follow on how I beat dehydrated skin in winter of 2018.

Step 1: Cleansing Oil/Balm, Step 2: Cleanse, Step 3: Exfoliate/Tone, Step 4: Essence/Lotion,

Step 5: Facial Serum, Step 6: Moisturiser, Step 7: Eye Cream, Step 8: Facial Oil.

From my research, the order of skincare products begins with the lightest consistency to the heaviest consistency. It doesn’t mean you need to use all of these steps, there are ways to cut it down and some only have as little as a 4 step skincare routine. Keep reading to find out how these products from MURAD saved my skin this winter season.

*Age Reform Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence 30ml $139

This hydro-dynamic quenching essence is described as a high-performance moisture booster that provides immediate hydration whilst improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Its key ingredients include Mexican blue agave leaf extract (results in supple and plump skin), glycolic acid (gently and evenly exfoliates skin), and a blend of botanicals: watermelon, apple and lentil (helps to reduce dryness, flakes, rough patches).

I know what you’re thinking, it’s expensive and does it even work? The only answer you need to hear is a big fat YES! I have been religiously using this essence in my day and night skincare routine. I just can’t get enough of it. I have tried to switch up my treatments, but this hydro-dynamic quenching essence (I know it’s a mouthful) can’t be put down.

It comes in this pump bottle for easy disperse of a weightless gel-cream formula, it has a subtle fruity scent that’s refreshing, and you don’t need that much (a little goes along way!) It absorbs quickly into the skin, as it prepares for the next steps of your beauty routine. It is super hydrating, nourishing, moisturising, leaves skin naturally glowing without dewy skin. It’s non-greasy or oily, it’s cooling, soothing and everything your dry and dehydrated skin needs. This is your man, right here, you need this pronto!

*Nutrient-Charged Water Gel 50ml $95

The nutrient-charged water gel is described as an intensely hydrating oil-free water gel, containing revolutionary Cumulative Hydration-Release Technology that instantly locks moisture to skin and increases retention for up to 5 days. It contains ingredients such as a unique blend of 5 minerals (silicon, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium – support healthy-looking skin and texture), 5 vitamins (b3, b5, b6, b9, vitamin e – help alleviate dryness, anti-ageing benefits), and 5 peptides (oligopeptide-1, oligopeptide-2, polypeptide-1, polypeptide-9, polypeptide-11) that can help to strengthen the skin’s barrier to prevent water loss.

Is this product too good to be true? I asked myself that as well, but you really won’t know until you try it yourself. The skeptic in me said to buy a travel size and so I did and this is what happened. It absorbed quickly like the essence and I could feel my skin improving from that first use. The most common winter skin complaints include irritation, inflammation, redness, itching and scaliness. I often experience, irritation, redness and itchy skin, since I have eczema. This product simply left my skin feel soothe, supple and nourished.

Overnight, I was shocked to find just how much my dry, irritated and dehydrated skin had improved. I consistently used the travel size tub for 2 weeks twice a day and I was devastated when I had finished it. This full size was gifted to me by the brand and I’m ready to tuck into it again, only this time, I will use it sparingly, because it can be quite addictive.

The water gel feels weightless, just like the essence and my skin soaks it in and keeps skin hydrated for days, even in between cleansing. It has a wonderful fresh and cooling scent that go hand in hand with dry and irritable skin. Non greasy, light texture and the kind that reminds me of a rich sleeping mask but better. This product when used in conjunction with the hydro-dynamic quenching essence—a power couple at best, will seriously give your skin life. This product is suitable for all skin types, it is cruelty-free, and is formulated without gluten and animal-derived ingredients.

You can find these amazing hydration skincare products at your nearest Sephora store and online, as well as shop the full MURAD Skincare Australia range on their website: . For the latest new releases and product info, follow them on their social media: Facebook and Instagram.

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