How To Combat Tired Eyes While Working on The Laptop


If you’re like me and use the computer/laptop and your digital devices like your smart phone and iPad or even watch tv, then you probably know a thing about eye fatigue.

This can cause serious problems called digital eye strain. Symptoms could include: dry eyes, tired eyes, headaches, eye irritation (itchy and burning), and blurred vision. I’m not an optometrist or an ophthalmologist or an expert in eye and vision care. If you have any of these symptoms, please book an appointment with your optometrist and get your eyes checked out.

I recently had an eye exam that I go every couple of years or depending if my eyes are irritating me I go in more regularly than this. My eyes were fine after the eye exam and my optometrist suggested that if I ever experience tired and dry eyes he recommended I try a warm face cloth and place it over my closed eyes for 30 seconds to help relieve dry eyes. I incorporate this step when I do my skincare routine on most nights. I also use eye drops but if you want an easier cost effective way, the warm face cloth over your closed eyes really helps!

I asked my optometrist about blue light since I work on my laptop everyday for a certain period of time. He suggested that if I did just use the warm face cloth over the closed eyes method this would help as well. I asked him about blue light filtering glasses and whether they could help and well he didn’t have much of an option around it. So is it just a gimmick? I put these blue light filtering glasses to the test. I know the warm face cloth over closed eyes works for me whenever my eyes need a bit of a cleanse and minimise the irritation.

Florey (Carbon Blue) Non-Prescription $98*

The blue light filtering glasses help to filter out unnecessary exposure to blue light that could have adverse effects on eye health. This is important to book for an eye exam instead of self examining your own eyes.

I don’t wear glasses on a daily for reading or to help with my overall vision. I recently received a non-prescription blue light filtering glasses from Exyra and from the first month of use, I found that my eyes didn’t irritate me as much. I didn’t get much headaches and it also helped with eye strain from watching way too much tv. I also blink a lot which has helped and walked away from the screen so I don’t constantly have eye strain.

These glasses fit my face well without it slipping off my nose and they are also quite stylish. The lenses are made from impact-resistant material for glasses with an anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating. The glasses comes with a stylish carry case with a cleansing clothes and maintenance kit. They are available in a range of colours and frames for both prescription and non-prescription blue light filtering glasses.

You can find a full range of blue light filtering glasses and glasses online via: For all of my readers if you’re interested in trying these Florey glasses or the rest of the range of the blue light filtering glasses, use my code “thecaryledit” in the checkout to receive 15% off your order. This is not an affiliated or commission base code.