How-To Heal Dry & Chapped Lips in 2 Minutes

The way my lips have been looking have been terrible. The lazy girl in me refuses to remove her lipstick and instead leave it to stain even if it dries out overnight. That’s me, I love my lipsticks, but lately, I haven’t been loving the way my lips have been looking.. Tragic.

It’s no surprise I have succumbed to a quick and simple way to revive my tragic, chapped, dry and flakey lips. No one likes the look of that and not even my husband. He hardly plants a kiss to my lips when he can see all too well that I have neglected them and not rest of my face. I realised that there are easy d.i.y recipes that you can create at home or even use your toothbrush, but the I don’t have time is my excuse.

Frank Body Lip Scrub 15ml

If you can afford to treat your lips, this lip scrub has become my lipsaver. He’s everything my lips desires, he’s gentle, sweet and most of all really cares about the way my lips look. I apply about half a pea size and gently massage to my top and bottom lip in circular motion, as I found this gently buffs away dry and flakey skin. I remove using a dampened cloth or a facial tissue. I treat my lips to this scrub at least twice a week and when I don’t use it, I try to remember to continue using a lip balm. The raw sugar and ground robusta & coffee seed oil smell lovely and doesn’t taste too bad either. My lips feel soft, smooth, nourished (cold-pressed macadamia oil) and is ready to be kissed again and again.

Frank Body Lip Balm 15ml

After using a lip scrub, I team it together with a lip balm. Use your trusted best friend that you know will keep your lips look supple, plumped and moisturised. I found this lip balm to be exceptionally hydrating (vitamin e) to my lips after every lip treatment and use regularly in between food and drink. I personally don’t drink coffee but enjoy the pleasant scent of the coffee arabica seed oil. This balm heals and gently soothes (lanolin) irritated lips in no time. It can also be used as a multipurpose balm to soothe other dry areas– like elbows, knees and cuticles. I like that the overall appearance isn’t glossy and instead leaves a nice sheen (coconut & grapeseed oil) to the lips, as you apply with your finger-it melts right away.

What are your go-to products for healing chapped and dry lips?

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