How-To Revitalise a Lacklustre Hair

In winter, I often experience dull, dry and lacklustre hair for days. I try to switch up my shampoo and conditioner, as well as hair care styling products that give my hair shine, boost of hydration and overall look of radiancy and out of the salon hair experience. Continue to read on how I revitalise my hair from boring to full of life again.

*TRESemmé Botanique Restore & Shine Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera Shampoo 390ml

I have a couple of shampoos on rotation, but for the most part when my hair is feeling dull and my ends super dry, I turn to tresemme’s coconut milk & aloe vera shampoo. This shampoo gently cleanses my hair as it leaves it looking nourished. The shampoo is free from parabens, dyes and silicones and as it contains a blend of botanical ingredients such as coconut milk, coconut oil and aloe vera, it has helped to tame down my frizzy hair. It has also helped to treat my dry scalp which I sometimes find a little itchy, but when using this once a week, it has helped to reduce irritation on my scalp.

*TRESemmé Botanique Restore & Shine Coconut Milk & Aloe Vera Conditioner 390ml

Along when using its partner shampoo, I like to leave in this conditioner for about two minutes from my mid section to ends of my hair. This conditioner helps to remove product build-up, whilst also containing ingredients such as vitamin c and extracts of grapefruit and lemon, which helped to clean and leave my hair feeling refreshed. Overall, this conditioner doesn’t weigh down my hair, but is great for leaving hair feeling soft, smooth and restores moisture loss, however, felt little shine is seen from using it twice a week.

*Freestyle Hair Towel Wrap Purple Large (ideal for medium to long hair)

After washing my hair, I usually dry it with my towel, but since discovering this hair towel wrap, I haven’t looked back. It’s made from a lightweight microfibre tapered design to fit various hair lengths. Since, I have medium-long hair length, this purple hair towel wrap has made drying my hair, as well as doing my skincare routine a breeze. I found that it has helped to minimise my use of a hair dryer since it also absorbs much of the water off my hair.

*Natura Siberica Oblepikha Siberica Oil Complex for Damaged Hair 50ml

While my hair is still slightly damped, I apply a few drops of this oil complex from Natura Siberica to the mid sections and down to the ends of my hair. This is the only styling product I have been using since its landed in my hands, whether I follow up with a hair dryer or leave my hair dry naturally. I have found that after several uses, my hair has been looking amazing. Less frizz and the ends of my hair is looking a bit more healthy. I can’t remember a time I used to play with my spilt ends, but this seemed to solve that problem. Ingredients such as vitamins and amino-acids help to nourish and repair split ends, while altai sea-buckthorn oil and moroccan argan oil helped to produce keratin as it gives hair strength and shine.

*Braun Satin Hair Brush Iontec 750

At first glance, I thought this was a hair strengthening brush and it does look like one. In fact, it’s not even close. It’s a hair brush that essentially brings out shine and minimises static and frizz. While, it may feel like it could straighten out my hair, but once you switch on the brush (fluro green light), millions of ions are released and these active ions help to restore the shine back into my hair. It might be hard to believe how a hair tool like this could do that, but after a few uses, I’ve definitely noticed less static and frizz on my hair. I experienced these often all year around and more so around winter time when the air is cool, but drier at the same time since there are hardly any moisture in the air. I frequently use this now more than my usual hair brush as it also gets rid of knots and makes styling hair that much more simpler.

How do you manage a lacklustre hair day?


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