How To Tone And Hydrate Skin With JERGENS


Since giving birth to my second son, I have been struggling with a few things post pregnancy. Two of them are cellulite and stretch marks. I have been using a few different types of body care products to help minimise the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite that seem to take its time at disappearing. **Note: the stretch marks and cellulite that I have are not hereditary and were only visible due to my pregnancies.

“71% of Australian Women report dryness as their number one skin concern and 56% report cellulite and dimpling as their greatest worry.*” – Jergens Australia.

*Skin Firming Toning Moisturiser 400ml $8.99

The skin firming & toning moisturiser has a light, but rich and creamy texture that is absorbed into the skin quickly and leaves a matte finish. The moisturiser is formulated with hydralucence technology which creates a hydration barrier over the skin, as well as an exclusive anti-cellulite firm perfecting complex and with added collagen, and elastin to help enhance skin’s elasticity and firmness.

I love that my hands don’t feel sticky or oily even after applying more than I probably need. I prefer to use this post shower in the evenings and I found over a months regular use, this moisturiser helped to tighten, toned and continue to minimise the appearance of my stretch marks, especially around my belly area. The continued use has also helped to hydrate my dry skin in particular on my legs and fight cellulite (uneven skin texture/dimples) on my inner thighs. They don’t appear as dark as they did whilst I was pregnant and my skin feels smooth, hydrated and the stretch marks are shrinking.

Overall, I have enjoyed using this Jergens skin firming and toning moisturiser for all the above reasons and as I am nearing to the end of this bottle, I am looking forward to repurchasing soon. You can purchase this and other dry skin heroes ultra healing and soothing aloe at Priceline stores nationwide, were prices start from RRP$8.99.