Improving Your Overall Health With Feng Shui Basics


Love your home and it will love you back; this is good feng shui. – Rodika Tchi.

The way we channel and handle our life given energy is the exact way we’ll be living our lives. We receive what we project, we live what we think, and we accomplish what we ask for. By channeling our thoughts, desires and ambitions properly, we defy the objective circumstance and work towards an outcome we’ve hoped for from the get-go. Your guiding thoughts are referred to as mantra power.

What exactly is mantra power?

Mantra power is a “medium used to communicate with universal forces of nature to create more balance and stability in your life”. Physical patterns of nature joined with mantra power in a harmonious unity tend to have the power to invoke supernatural powers and control events. Mantra can promote positivity in your life (like finding love or staying healthy), protect you from negative energies (sickness or money loss) and encourage a prosperous life overall.

How is mantra related to feng shui?

Just as having a life mantra can change your life, so can feng shui art form of object placement in your home or place of business bring about a desired change. Feng shui is the ancient Eastern philosophy supporting the idea that a sense of balance and harmony in a home creates a sense of balance and harmony within people living in it. Feng shui relies on healthy chi circulation and object placement allowing that energy to circulate freely for the perfect balance to be achieved.

What needs to be noted is that there are many factors in a home that can block positive energy, as there are those that can promote it. This is why, feng shui organization of a home is extremely important.


What are feng shui basics?

Feng shui can either be very simple or very specific. If you’re just starting with your feng shui, do things step by step until you become comfortable with turning to feng shui altogether. Here are some basic rules to follow:

De-clutter – Given the art of feng shui comes down to the circulation of chi. When your space is overwhelmed with things you don’t need, this automatically disrupts the natural flow of chi (good vibes) from entering your home. This is why you should de-clutter often and remove all unnecessary items. As you de-clutter make three piles: a) things you no longer want, need, use b) things that matter and are important to you –items that you have inherited or that hold a significant meaning c) things you need. Hold on to useful things, arrange in an orderly manner. Dispose of extras.


Move things around – Placing decorations and plants meticulously in your space is in line with Feng Shui philosophy, as it will improve the quality of life and air.

  • Invite nature in. Plants in your space purify the air, bring the nature in and have a soothing effect. A fresh flower pot/vase in an up right corner of your desk, will invite new love in your life
  • A properly-sized air humidifier in every room you spend time in to clear the air and avoid breathing in pollutants. According to feng shui principles, fresh air is crucial for positivity
  • Move furniture away from walls, even if just a couple of inches. To create an area where air can flow around, pull furniture pieces together
  • Don’t let your windows be blocked. Natural light is very important and brings with it tremendous energy
  • Use mirrors properly. Mirrors are “called the aspirin of feng shui and with proper placement, they can dramatically shift the flow of energy in any given space”. Be careful that they don’t bounce the energy back at doors

Respect feng shui elements – Basic elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of these elements works to restore calm and bring energy to your space and bring power to both independently and collectively influence your space. Each of these elements has a specific role and it’s up to you to implement it, following the aspect of your life, the way you want to enhance it.

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About The Author:

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