JOHN FRIEDA Luxurious Volume Core Restore Collection

Naturally, I have thick, straight, wavy, curly hair with frizz, sometimes oily and sometimes dry scalp with dry ends. Post pregnancy, I have thick, but at times lifeless, frizzy, dry scalp and hair loss. What does this have to do with these products? Continue reading to learn more.

For women with weak hair it is not about seeking big hair – with 84% saying ‘the look of their hair affects how they feel about themselves’* – it is more about wanting hair that looks normal, healthy and beautifully maintained that builds inner confidence.” – John Frieda.

*Luxurious Volume Core Restore™ Shampoo 250ml $17.99

This shampoo is described as a luxurious infused shampoo that contains volume polymer, which gives the added volume. The creamy shampoo lathers up quite nicely, however, I felt it did nothing for my hair.

During my earlier postpartum days, I had and continue to experience hair loss, which I have learnt can be a part of a post pregnancy journey. Pregnant women don’t tend to shed hair until a few months after pregnancy and hormones go back to normal. Though, I wasn’t expecting this product to be a miracle at solving my hair loss, I had high hopes that it could have helped with my lifeless thick hair. FYI, I have no loyalties when it comes to haircare, as I regularly switch it up to accommodate the needs of my hair at the moment.

*Luxurious Volume Core Restore™ Protein Infused Clear Conditioner 250ml $17.99

This protein infused conditioner is described as a luxurious volume conditioner with a clear gel formula, purposely free from heavy ingredients, such as fatty alcohols or heavy silicones, so hair is never left flat and lifeless.

I was surprised at how much I would enjoy using this conditioner. I often find that I never usually use a pairing of shampoo and conditioner, as one or both just don’t always work for my hair. This conditioner felt lovely, though not as foaming as the shampoo, but it did gently cleansed, separated knots and allowed all the shedding of old hair fall down the shower drain. This also left a nice clean scent which didn’t bother me, but it was a bonus. My hair felt soft, smooth and once styled appeared salon quality.

*Luxurious Volume Core Restore™ Advanced Protein Volumizer 60ml $17.99

This advance protein volumizer is described as a luxurious volumizer that when applied to wet hair, the formula penetrates, forms temporary bonds between the hairs natural protein chains, to minimise breakage and build additional strength with each use for a longer lasting natural style.

It is a hair treatment to apply post hair wash and before hair styling like—a blow dry or a hair straightener. I found this serum-like-consistency to give you va-va-voom volume. Earlier, I mentioned I have already thick hair, putting into perspective, close your eyes and imagine Whoopi Goldberg’s Sister Act hair days—that was mine, but healthier with frizzy hair tamed!

This product was the standout from the range and I would highly recommend it if you suffer from thin and lifeless hair, but want head turning looks. This is that perfect hair treatment that will give you volume for days and give back the confidence you deserve! It’s lightweight and doesn’t give you oily scalps!

You can find the range of John Frieda luxurious volume core restore at Woolworths, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, independent pharmacies and select retailers nationally.