July Favourites Part 2

June Favourites

My July favourites continues, now onto skincare. I have tried to branch out to new brands and rediscover brands I am familiar with. So, grab yourself your favourite drink and some snacks, because this post is a lengthy one!

There were a few more I could have added to this list, but for the most part, these have become staples for winter and almost everyday this month. So without further adieu, these are my faves of the moment.

Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Foam Cleanser – This was a GWP when I had bought the watery cream. This has a nice pearl creamy texture that feels amazing on the skin. You know your skin is absorbing nutrients when you lather it on and after patting dry with a face cloth, my skin feels hydrated already before I can begin with the rest of my skincare routine. Unfortunately, I do not know where you can pick this up as I could not find it online.

Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream – In conjunction with the foam cleanser, this is one of those facial creams that every dehydrated-faced beauty blogger need in their skincare collection. I live for this. It has this creamy, but watery substance that melts instantly into the skin. It makes your skin appear fresh, hydrated and you ask yourself, what dry skin? It leaves a nice dewy to matte finish. Overnight, you will notice your skin feel soft, smooth and supple.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ – This contains SPF 50+ and it makes my day knowing it protects my skin, as I do not have to worry about stepping out in the sun. It has a slightly rich consistency that reminds me of zinc creams. It dries matte and as the lotion dissolves into the skin, it becomes translucent and does not feel sticky or appear greasy. It is perfect to use under foundation or tinted moisturiser as it does not make your face look ghostly.

*Manda Made Moisturising Organic Body Scrub in Chocolate – By far the best and yummy body scrub I have used since I have been using natural and organic body scrubs. I have finished it in a matter of 2 weeks and I can not wait to buy the refill so I can use the tiny spoon again. This gives amazing results, the consistency is a mild grainy texture that even sensitive skin folks will be able to handle. If you ever come across dehydrated and scales on your legs–totally unattractive, but this scrub will banish them back to wherever they came from!

July Favourites Part 2 a

*Antipodes Hosanna H2O Intensive Skin-Plumping Serum – You instantly get hydrated, plump and supple skin when you use it often. I love that it feels like water that gets sucked into the skin and in a matter of seconds it dries and leaves skin matte and fresh. I like to use this in conjunction with a rich or slightly rich serum or oil so I get more nutrients seeping into my skin overnight. This comes in a latte shade liquid that feels cooling and just amazing on the skin. If you are a fan of Antipodes skincare, this is one that you just have to try and believe me, I was skeptical at first and now I am a believer. 😛

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil – Another product I was skeptical, as every beauty blogger out there made this product the end all and yes, it is true what they say–it gives amazing results. After using about 3 drops for two days consecutively, I already noticed my large pores reduce in size, my skin felt smooth and soft and some lines on my forehead slowly going away. The blue colour fades away when you press and gently massage into the skin. It gives me a fresh dewy finish and I sometimes enjoy teaming it with the good genes treatment.

Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment – After five minutes of using Luna, this is where I apply good genes as my moisturiser replacement. Occasionally, I will add a light moisturiser like the TonyMoly’s watery cream before I apply this product. I feel that one pump of this onto the face and neck completes my skincare routine for the evening. I have family and friends comment on how my skin had changed and looked better. I definitely think that in rotation with any of these products is what has led to my skin looking its best.

*Lumiere Beauty Skincare German Chamomile Balancing Face Oil – If you ever experience redness or some irritation on the skin, I can rely on this face oil to soothe it and within five minutes the redness has disappeared. The chamomile, along with other natural ingredients helped keep my skin look and feel alive again. I also found that when I would magically get mosquito bites on my face and I use a drop of this, it heals the surrounding itchy skin and bump. Amaze! 😀

What is your favourite skincare product this month?

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