KNOWN EFFECTS – The Ethical Marketplace

I was recently introduced to KNOWN EFFECTS, a community that encourages small businesses to grow in the most creative, ethical and sustainable way possible. It is also a marketplace for consumers to purchase products from ethical and sustainable brands like tmf., Clean & Pure, and Sonia Ortis just to name a few. Continue reading to learn more.

“We are focused on creating a community filled with like-minded people from all areas from artisans, makers, fair-trade advocates to those who are driving the way in sustainable lifestyle products and living.” – Ainsley Schumacher, KNOWN EFFECTS founder.

Then KNOWN EFFECTS was founded, in 2015, where every step was taken to gather as much research and talk to businesses and evaluate if this type of marketplace was needed in the community. There was something definitely missing and in 2016, KNOWN EFFECTS marketplace was born.

Ainsley and her team have created an application whereby before becoming a vendor through KNOWN EFFECTS website, they are assessed through an application with a few simple questions, which means that unlike other marketplaces that tend to get out of hand with the grey area of ‘handmade’.

Questions give them an insight into the brand to make sure their core values align with Known Effects and their community. Known Effects require all brands to subscribe to World Fair Trade Organisation guidelines and its internal sustainable requirements are met to ensure products are safe to be promoted via the KNOWN EFFECTS platform.

The added benefits for consumers purchasing from KNOWN EFFECTS is the knowledge that every product in this marketplace is 100% ethically made and consumers are supporting small businesses, and most importantly, the environment around them. Furthermore, brands within the marketplace give back to charity–further instilling a sense of community that cares. Consumers can become involved in the community at Known Effects and advocate for striving towards a world that is fair, ethical and sustainable.

When consumers choose products with ingredients that have been sustainably made, for example beauty products, the consumer is benefiting by applying less harmful chemicals onto their body. This can also be seen through food, clothing right through to sanitary products, which are quite often made with harmful ingredients. Not only do sustainable products have a positive impact on the environment, it can also help to reduce long-term costs to the consumer through stronger and more durable materials used.

The video above showcases some of the ethical Australian brands that have already aligned with the KNOWN EFFECTS marketplace. If you would like to know how you can support the Known Effects marketplace, please visit this website:


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