Korres Almond Blossom Mini Collection

Korres Almond Blossom Mini Collection

As you know I love me some skincare products. I enjoy trying out skincare that suits my skin and able to share with you guys my experience in using them. Korres is a brand I am most familiar with when it comes to their lip products. This is were I was first introduced to Korres. I was watching one of Tanya Burr’s favourites video a few years back when she had mentioned about Korres Lip Butter in Pomegranate. Around this time, I was also falling in love with lip butter lipsticks! Anyway, I guess you could say, an old discovery returned unexpectedly and now here I am trying out some of their skincare line. 

If I can and if they do, I much prefer to buy skincare or makeup products in miniature or deluxe size to try before I investing in a full size product. I do this and I am sure most of you do as well, to save from spending X amount on something that may perhaps may not be worth it or may not work on the skin. 8 out of 10 times I will end up with an awesome product that I will happily splurge on when the time comes along.

Korres Almond Blossom Mini Collection 1

Here is something really surprising for me, this duo is pretty awesome. I use it hand in hand and no qualms about it. I mean the Milk Proteins 3in1 Cleansing Emulsion, cleanses, tones and removes the nitty-gritty of makeup. I really just use it as a daily cleanser in the shower, after I have removed makeup (using other products) this just makes my skin feel velvety smooth, soft and no traces of makeup or redness. The texture is in between a cream and gel, but doesn’t soap up and doesn’t leave an oily residue or strip off natural oils, but it keeps moisture back into the skin.

Korres Almond Blossom Mini Collection 2

Anyone who has ever experienced sensitivity on the skin, often you will find that any kind of face cream that contains fragrance is a No-No. At first I was a bit on the fence with this Almond Blossom Moisturising Cream, as it is a very fragrant scent of almond blossom extract and almond oil and I usually if I can refrain from using any kind of facial cream with fragrance just so it won’t irritate the skin. So I risked my skin, but didn’t get any bad reaction, like no redness, dryness or irritations of any kind, you know. Even when it states on the tube “Ideal for sensitive skin” – I definitely am more cautious, as not all products are miracle workers.

The scent is really nice and once applied to skin, the scent lingers and then fades. It has this light creamy formula that dries quickly leaving the skin soft and hydrated. Next day skin looks healthy and normal. I found my pores to have slightly minimised overnight and scattered dry patches of skin tamed. This is a cool product that I wished were sold in a full size, but looks as though it is just part of this limited edition travel-sized pack.

What is your favourite Korres skincare or makeup product?

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