LA MAV: Purify & Clean Skincare For Oily/Combination Skin Types


La Mav organic is a brand that takes inspiration from a blend of ancient natural wisdom and modern science created with care and consideration for our planet. Each La Mav product have been produced and curated to help preserve natural beauty, and radiance. These products are cruelty free, not tested on animals, vegan friendly, Australian made, uses natural and certified organic raw ingredients.

Sweet Orange Foaming Cleanser 100ml $32.95*

The sweet orange foaming cleanser is described as a skin-balancing purifying foaming cleanser that effectively removes excess serum, makeup and impurities to reveal a clear and bright complexion. It is enriched with papaya extract (purify skin), orange extract (enhance natural radiance), and sugar cane extract (exfoliate, encourage cell turnover and heal blemishes).

As a result of using this product as my daily cleanser, I have noticed a balance in sebum production, contributes to improving my skin texture, helps to reduce skin inflammations and has considerably helped to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores. The foaming cleanser has a fresh and fruity aroma without stripping natural oils, and is non drying. This is very gentle for my combination-dry skin type, however works fine for beauties with oily/combination skin types.

Green Clay Detox Mask 60ml $34.95*

The green clay detox mask is described as a skin-purifier to help absorb excess oil production while gently removing impurities and pollutants. It contains natural fruit enzymes (exfoliate and balance skin’s pH), aloe vera extract (revitalise dull skin), green clay (withdraws toxins), and gotu kola extract (shield against free radicals).

As a result of using this green clay mask, twice a week, I have found my skin to feel soft and smooth to touch, cleansed and minimised enlarged pores, and provides a natural glow to skin surface. The clay mask has a subtle organic scent upon application but fades when it dries on the skin. The drying of the clay mask is not stiff or hard and is not difficult to rinse off. This product felt comfortable for my combination-dry skin type and in fact did hydrate my skin. This product is best suited for beauties with acne prone skin types, enlarge pores, oily-combination skins, pigmentation and blemish skin types.

The full range of La Mav purify & clean collection, to view the full skincare range, check online and in store at selected pharmacies, health food stores and via: nationally.



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