L’ACTION PARIS: 1 Minute Solution Miracle Deep Cleansing Gel


One of the first steps when beginning my skincare routine is using a cleanser, whether that is in a form of a cream, foam or gel, it is always important to incorporate a cleanser to wash your face. Deep cleansing combined with exfoliation is in my opinion always a good idea. Naturally, find one that is suitable for your skin type that is gentle and non-stripping. Continue reading to learn more about this L’Action Paris new discovery.

Some times I can become lazy and don’t want to do a certain step in my skincare routine, I try to find various products that offer a 2-in-1 solution. For example: a cleanser can exfoliate or a cleanser that can tone skin etc. This helps when time is limited or you may be on holidays and often don’t want to bring too many products with you.

Deep Cleansing Gel 40ml $16.95*

The L’Action Paris 1 minute solution deep cleansing gel is a 2-in-1 cleanser and gentle exfoliating product that is free from micro beads. Often we might hear micro beads in exfoliating products can be harmful for the environment. The L’Action Paris products uses natural active ingredients that are developed in their Paris laboratory. They are dermatologically tested and are not tested on animals.

Tip: use a small amount of gel onto dry skin and gentle in circular motion ensure you focus on problematic areas and then rinse with water.

The product is formulated with purifying cucumber and aloe vera to help gently exfoliate and soothe skin, while it helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities. This deep cleansing gel is what I used weekly for the past 2 weeks.I can see how much it has helped to keep my large pores ridiculously minimised, skin feels soothed (no redness or irritation), skin feels firm, hydrated, clean and bright.

You only need to use this once a week and the results lasts until you use it again. Even in between using other cleansers, my skin looks amazing! (See before and after photos above (no filter was used to edit these photos)). This cleanser never feels like it over exfoliates or strips away natural oils from the skin. This product is suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. I have combination-dry skin and don’t feel this makes my skin feel worse. My skin looks and feels good and I’m pretty happy how my skin is looking now!

You can find all L’Action Paris products online in Australia via: www.mcgloins-supertex.com.au.