L’ACTION PARIS: Overnight Hair Masks For Complex Hair Routines


The L’Action Paris brand first launched in 1995 from Pairs laboratories, developing a range of market leading health and beauty treatments that have been sourced using the finest, and most effective ingredients worldwide, giving visible results fast. These little and handy treatments have been created for your makeup bag or handbag, a perfect travel companion that these little beauty rituals can be used at-home and for on-the-go. L’Action Paris is sold in over 50 countries around the world. Expect that every product includes natural active ingredients, are developed in Paris laboratory, are dermatologically tested and are not tested on animals.

Radiance Repairer Hair Night Mask 20ml $4.95*

The radiance repairer hair night mask is packed full of active ingredients that are high in vitamin content. The hair mask has a rich and creamy texture that is easily spread onto dry hair, comb through from mid to ends of hair. It suggested to avoid applying to the roots. Allow for the mask to dry and leave overnight. I found this easy to tie my hair in a bun, which also helped when sleeping, the product did not transfer to my pillow. The following day, wash hair as per your usual hair routine.

I found that it kept my hair feeling soft, smooth to touch, supple and added some shine. It had tamed down frizz, nourished dry ends and when styling hair, it allowed straightened hair to appear more natural. I could also layer other hair styling treatments that didn’t seem to clash with this overnight hair mask. The mask treatment lasted a week ( I usually wash my hair 2x a week) and my hair looked healthy fast. This hair mask treatment is suitable for dull, coloured and highlighted hair types. One satchet lasted 2 uses that equated to 2 weeks or once a week use.

Strength & Vitality Hair Night Mask 20ml $4.95*

The strength & vitality hair night mask contains ingredients like provitamin b5, vitamin e and cranberry seed oil that it is perfect for beauties with dry, dehydrated and brittle hair types. I found this hair night mask to be nourishing and replenished my dry ends. It left my hair appearing healthy and manageable. I could style my hair without pulling my hair and I also found less hair fallouts. I used this in the same way as the radiance repairer mask and worked giving instant results.

Overall, my hair enjoyed both hair night masks as it made my complex hair routine a thing of the past. I can go about my night without spending hours on my hair. I definitely recommend these hair masks for anyone wanting to cut down time spent on hair treatments and still see immediate results.

The L’Action Paris Over Night Hair Mask range, as well as face masks and 1 minute solutions range are available online at www.mcgloins-supertex.com.au.