Lady Gorgeous by ESJ Skincare

Lady Gorgeous by ESJ Skincare

I was recently contacted by Chantelle from an Australian brand, ESJ Skincare. This is a skincare brand that may be suitable for any of you guys that are pro vegan, uses 100% natural, certified organic and is Australian owned. Even if you are not Australian and are looking to try a new skincare brand, this might be something you may be interested in. 

Upon receiving these products, I did a bit of research on their website, as well as read some reviews on their Facebook and other bloggers on the bloggersphere’s take on this skincare brand. Everything thus far I have read, only made me that much more intrigued and excited to try on my skin.

The packaging has a luxury feel and it is very unique and different – in a good way of course, but it comes inside a pink box with these rose petals decorated nicely over these female shaped bodies. You do not often see a uniquely shaped bottle of skincare this way, but it is special, as it stands out and both products come in a pump form.

According to their website, this skincare line was created by Emmanuel Sam Joseph, founder of ESJ, as he had suffered through severe problematic skin from a young age. With research and development, he discovered the success of the ESJ formulas you see today. This skincare is suitable for all skin types and especially those that experience sensitive skin. I often on occasion experience sensitivity on my skin. At first, I was a little skeptical that it would suit my skin, because from past experience, any skincare product that claimed to suit all skin types did not always work for me.

Lady Gorgeous by ESJ Skincare 2

After contemplating if I should begin to use it, I decided to swap my night time cleanser with Step 1 (cleanser) *Lady Gorgeous by ESJ. There is a scent that I am not 100% excited about, but it could be a blend of the 3 key ingredients: Camellia Oil, Quandong and Kakadu Plum. Aside from this scent, which fades after massaging the creamy gel cleanser onto face, I could immediately feel my skin feeling very moisturised and I noticed how hydrated my skin had looked. I did not experience any redness or dry skin peeling, it looked as though the cleanser had banish my dehydrated skin wherever it came from. My face felt that much more smooth and soft the more I used this cleanser in my routine. I have not tested this on my body, but for the face this is amazing. I am not vain, but when I do look in the mirror, there is not one inflamed skin to be seen.

Lady Gorgeous by ESJ Skincare 3

Following on with the Step 2 (moisturiser) *Lady Gorgeous by ESJ, there is a nice fresh scent that surprisingly uses similar ingredients, as well as the 3 key ingredients mentioned above. This moisturiser has a similar consistency to a lotion that is lightweight, as it blends into the skin easily without feeling greasy or sticky, it also dries quickly. I much prefer to use this for my body than on my face, as I find that I need to add a slightly rich moisturiser to help combat my dehydrated skin. Though for my body, this works amazingly and after, my body feels wonderful, as though you treated yourself to a spa session.

I am happy to learn that these products work like a charm on my skin and as I continue to use them with my other skincare products, I know my skin will only get better from here and into the future. If you guys think this might be something up your alley, check out ESJ (Emmanuel Sam Joseph) Skincare. Also, if you are looking to buy a gift for father’s day, they also have a line called ‘The Gentleman’ by ESJ. You are welcome! 🙂

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