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Limited Edition CHANEL Reve De Camelia Illuminating Powder

So, instagram made me do it. I was scrolling through my feed one day and happened to see it on one of my friend’s account. She had a close up shot of this magnificent illuminating powder from CHANEL that took my breath away. I will be saying this a lot in upcoming product launches I am sure of it. Continue reading to learn more about it.

I can’t explain to you how gorgeous, stunning this looks in real life, but best you believe that if you ever spot one at a Chanel beauty counter, your breath may hitch, your heart skip a beat and your saliva drooling down your chin. It really did take my breath away.

This is my first time ever purchasing a limited edition illuminating powder, but I bet the previous years were just as if not breathtaking as well. What I most love about this aside from the detail embossing of the famous Chanel camelia, is the shade that as I have been told by my SA–a flattering shade that would suit a lot more skin complexions. I am all for inclusivity for beauty so I was excited to hear this was one of its first kind to be suitable for more skin tones.

Chanel Reve De Camelia Illuminating Powder Beige Rose $116

The reve de camelia illuminating powder in beige rose is described as an airy and delicate illuminating powder embossed with a camellia for a natural and pearlescent glow. The flower is Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower, created for the 2022 Makeup Collection, RÊVE DE CHANEL.

The illuminating powder can be used on the entire face and body with the mini kabuki brush that it comes with to create a halo of light, or apply a small amount wherever you want to add a touch of radiance.

This illuminating powder is sold out at all authorised Chanel beauty counters, however, may be found on auction sites like eBay.

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