LITTLE INNOSCENTS: Natural And Eco-Friendly Baby Skincare To Protect Delicate Skins


Little Innoscents was founded in 2007 by mum Antonette Golikidis, when her son had experienced dry and irritable skin. She was frustrated with the lack of options to find natural, organic baby skincare solutions, so she created her own lotions and balms using essential oils and all-natural ingredients. The brand has recently expanded its range for home care and aromatherapy to help create a natural, clean and relaxing environment.

The Little Innoscents baby skincare range offers natural and eco-friendly options to help relieve and protect delicate skins from birth. Below some of the products from the range:

Massage Oil 125ml*: consists of a combination of sunflower, jojoba and other nutrient oils to help hydrate delicate skins. Can be used for baby massages, as well as to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks while pregnant, and help to soothe dry scalp that you may see with some babies. It has a non-greasy residue and quickly absorbed into skin. This product is Australian certified organic.

Cherry Coconut Condition 250ml*: helps to detangle and smooth out your hair. It is enriched with a blend of cherry and coconut and smells so good! It has a plant based approach with no nasty ingredients, as it simply aims to protect and condition hair. This is Australian certified organic (89.2%).

Mineral Powder 100g*: this products helps to minimise odour and limit moisture where it could lead to itching skin or chafing. It leaves skin feel clean, dry and fresh. It uses Australian white clay.

Milky White Toothpaste 50ml*: I have always preferred my little boys to use natural toothpaste were possible. This toothpaste is naturally fluoride free, rich in calcium, but is free from surfactants, artificial sweeteners and mineral oils. It has a subtle mint taste with a hint of strawberry. This is loved by my sons.

Hot Fudge 75ml*: if you have toddlers who are exploring to style their hair, this one is for you. You can create endless hairstyles and looks with this organic hair fudge. The natural formulation is safe to use for growing babies and those to experience frizzy hair and need it to be under control. A little goes a long way and has no sticky residue on hair or scalp.

Winter Blues Balm 75ml*: this balm is supposed to help comfort and soothe your baby when they suffer winter chills. It uses ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter and warming essential oils to soothe discomfort and restlessness. This is chemical free and is Australian certified organic.

Moisture Rich Body Lotion 100ml*: this is ideal for the whole family that helps to soothe, hydrate and moisturise dry skins. It is formulated with shea butter, avocado oil and aloe vera. This is suitable for mums and bubs as a hand and body lotion. It is also safe to use when pregnant to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This is Australian certified organic (88%).

Intensive Soothing Cream 75ml*: this organic cream is supposed to help soothe dry, red and irritated skins. It is suitable for babies with sensitive and delicate skin (nappy rash). It is recommended that this product be used after every nappy change to refresh, protect and calm baby’s delicate skin. This is Australian certified organic (87%).

Paw Paw Balm 50ml*: this is my personal favourite. If you’ve used paw paw balms before, you will love this one even more. This all-rounder multipurpose is a must have for your baby bag, your handbag, in your car and in your medicine cabinet. Can be used for cracked skin, cracked nipples whilst breastfeeding, dry lips and other dry areas of the body. This is formulated without petroleum and mineral oil. This is Australian certified organic.

Sun Lotion SPF 30 100ml*: a great natural sunscreen alternative for babies aged 6 months and above. It uses a combination of ingredients such as organic green tea, cucumber and rosehip extract which also has a soothing effect on skin. The only active ingredient used is zinc oxide.

Little Innoscents full collection of baby, home and aromatherapy products can be found at Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist, Discount Vitamin Warehouse nationally and online via: