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LI’TYA: Offering The Best Products For Dry And Dehydrated Skin Types


Li’Tya pronounced Li Deeya means ‘of the earth’ is an Australian made and owned that’s inspired by restorative, clarifying and invigorating properties of pure Australian Native Botanicals. The range includes: skin, hair and body products, where ingredients are sourced and harvested sustainably, based on principles of modern and indigenous knowledge with traditional spa therapies. Their products are certified cruelty-free, which means products do not test on animals.

Many of us live busy lives and often miss out on appreciating time to ourselves and treat our skin with a spa-like experience. The travel friendly nourish gift pack (nurong) provides that ‘spa at home’ experience without breaking the bank. It contains a selection of products that can help beauties who experience drier than usual skins and those with tired, as well as dehydrated skin types.

Nourish Gift Pack (Nurong) 4 x 30ml $99.95*

Kakadu Plum Vitality Cream Mask – the kakadu plum vitality mask is a creamy but has a rich texture with a balmy residue. The face mask reminded me of a sleeping mask. It has a residue feel of a balm which didn’t bother me until it came to applying other products that made my skin feel a little sticky and that I didn’t enjoy. As a sleeping mask type product, I preferred to wipe away excess, instead of leave on overnight and remove the next day. I found that while this helped to hydrate dry and dehydrated skin, it contained antioxidants like vitamins a, c and e, perfect concoction for dull and dehydrated skin types that can help to brighten and nourish skins.

Lillypilly Cream Cleanser – the lillypilly cream cleanser has a subtle fruity scent as it is rich in fruit enzymes and vitamin c. It helped to cleanse my skin paying particular attention to my large pores found on my cheeks. I found it moisturised my face and helped to minimise the appearance of pores without stripping away natural sebum. However, this cleanser didn’t foam and for me, I preferred to see foam in my facial cleanser, as this better cleanses and removes impurities from my skin. This is a great cleanser for beauties who experiences dry skin and may prefer foamless cleansers.

Macadamia Hydrating Cream – the macadamia hydrating cream has a rich texture, which reminded me of sorbolene. It has a subtle nutty scent but fades once it melts and absorbed into skin. It is rich in vitamins a, e and plant oils. This is my favourite product from the set and one I have incorporated into my daily skincare routines. It leaves a supple, soft and nourished skin with a matte finish. I used approximately 2 pumps to cover my face and neck areas. This is a great transitional moisturiser that can be used both day and night regiments.

Quandong Hair Treatment Mask – the quandong hair treatment mask has a creamy texture that has helped to nourish my dry scalp, especially after using hair styling products. It is rich in vitamins, oils and natural botanical waxes that have contributed to replenishing moisture back to my scalp. This is a wonderful and gentle scalp treatment. I also found it helped to tame down frizz around the top part of my head and left my hair feel soft and smooth. The hair mask is light and didn’t weigh down my hair. Definitely recommend this hair treatment for those who experiences dry scalps and can help to strengthen hair whilst deeply conditions hair.

Overall, the gift pack nourish is a great set to not only try out products in mini sizes but are perfect as your travel beauty companion. Treat yourself or someone in your life that deserves an at home spa treatment. To view Li’Tya gift pack nourish set, purchase these products separately or view the rest of the skin, hair and body collection found online, from spa partners and via: Li’Tya accepts international shipping.



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