Locked Down AM Self-Care Edit


With the recent lock downs in place easing, I thought it would be great to share with you some of my key AM self-care essentials that have been helping me get through these isolation times. Since being quarantined for weeks and only leaving the house to do groceries and dropping the kids off to daycare and preschool. My skin became dull and stressed from the toll of poor diet, anxieties, sleep deprivation, and lack of sun exposure. My skin had suffered through one of the worst times—with break outs, inflammation, redness, flakey and irritable skin.

I have since reduced the number of steps in my AM routine. I have switched up my skincare products, whilst sticking with the bare minimum essentials that I know are helping to revive my skin, and nurse it back to good health.


My morning routines usually consists of textured (gel, cream, foam) cleansers to help remove the overnight built up of impurities. I have since switched from using these formulations to micellar water, as it seems to work better for my skin at present. I am actively using Skinstitut Microbiome Micellar Water*.

The microbiome micellar water claims to be a ‘not your ordinary micellar water’. It is a vitamin-enriched that goes above and beyond cleansing skin. It helps to instantly wipe away daily grime, pollution, makeup and helps to detoxify skin. This has been the most gentle and soothing formulation for micellar water that I have ever used, and not all that I have tried are suitable to use around the eye area. I have been wowed by how amazing this product has been for my dry, flakey and sensitive skin type as of late.

I find this micellar water to truly keep my irritable skin feel soft, smooth, hydrated, calm and skin appearing well-balanced. Its key ingredients include: inulin (prebiotic), aloe vera, green tea, provitamin b5 and coconut water. This product is absolutely safe to use for the face, eyes, lips, and is suitable for all skin types and conditions. It is a clean formula, vegan, without fragrance, detergents and colours.

Facial Oil

With serums & facial oils I often layer them up depending at the time what my skin needs. Lately, I have been concocting Mere Skincare resilience 8 bio-illumination face oil* with my moisturiser. This works just as if applied to skin first then follow on with your fave moisturiser. I do this to minimise steps and try to keep it simple.

The facial oil is a beautiful blend of 8 super-absorbable oils and multiple forms of vitamin C. It is a glowing and lightweight formulation that helps to renew (active Australian kakadu plum oil), hydrate (active Australian prickly pear oil), protect (active Australian kakui oil) and provides super natural booster (CoQ10). It is described as a one-of-a-kind whole plant formula, a multitasking facial oil for the ultimate radiant boost.

This facial oil is so lovely when teamed up with your favourite moisturiser. I add 4 drops and apply to face, neck and down to my décolletage. I found this method to give my skin instant glow, supple and nourished skin. A gorgeous stand alone facial oil that is perfectly fine when mixed together with your base makeup or moisturiser. This product is suitable for beauties with any skin type. Product is 100% vegan and is natural.


Having battled and overcome dull, dry, flakey and dehydrated skin, I have to especially thank Kiehl’s ultra facial cream as the skin saver in this routine. I have gone back to this moisturiser when others didn’t work nearly as well and it’s safe to say how well used, and well loved this moisturiser has been for my skin.

I honestly believe this product provides a 24-hour hydration and while I use it twice daily, I don’t find it to clog my pores or leave skin appearing greasy. It has been a favourite for a couple of years and one I will happily recommend to anyone all year around.

The formula is thick and texture is creamy but it is lightweight so don’t be fooled, as it does sink readily into your skin. My favourite key ingredient is squalane (a highly refined moisturising oil that is derived from olives). This ingredient is known to help strengthen and restore skin’s moisture barrier. Other ingredients included: glacial glycoprotein extract (shield skin from environmental damage and cold), avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, rice bran oil, olive fruit oil, vitamin E and salicylic acid (removes dryness to reveal soft & smooth skin).

This product is what I use now to mix with facial oil as my skin absolutely loves this concoction. A moisturiser that is suitable for beauties with any skin type including those with sensitive skin.


Sunscreen is an important daily essential in my skincare routine. I have gone through various brands to find the one that would sit on my skin without appearing like a ghost with a heavy consistency and greasy finish. I also prefer my sunscreen with high spf count just because I like to know my skin is protected even if I spend more than 15 minutes out in the sun. Indoors, I will use a minimum of spf30 and nothing less.

The obsession of hunting down the near perfect sunscreen began when I stumbled at my local ALDI store. Ever since then I haven’t been able to find anything like this (unless it’s spf30, which I do have favourites in other brands). The Ombra daily defence spf 50+ sunscreen is described as a 2-in-1 sunscreen + primer with an invisible matte finish, light feel moisturising lotion that provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Also as a face primer to help prepare application of makeup. It also claims to aid with prevention of premature skin ageing. It is enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera as an essential moisturising base. It’s active ingredients: octocrylene 30mg/g, ethylhexyl triazone 20mg/g, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor 20mg/g, butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane 30mg/g.

I love how hydrating it feels on my skin, no white cast and it does feel light and dries a comfortable matte finish. For its price point (60ml $2.49), it is very affordable, but I have bought a few to help me get through the time being. I will continue to keep my eyes out for the special buys. I have repurchased many times, but a little disappointed that it is not a product readily available all year around. This sunscreen is fragrance free, paraben free and dermatologically tested.

There you have it. This is my most minimal morning skincare routine that I have been doing everyday since COVID.