L’OREAL: The 30 Day Lash Challenge


Am I the only one excited to try this product? Since it’s launched in Australia recently, I have been obsessed about seeing the before and after photos of bloggers who have tried this product on their own lashes. I admit I was a little skeptic because I have used in the past similar products that supposedly can help to grow your lashes. I have tested the L’Oréal Clinically Proven Lash Serum as close to 30 days as I possibly could. Continue reading to see how it all unravelled.

A background about my lashes, they are short, sparse and can be seen uneven length on both eyes (although I only show my left eye below). They do not curl even if I use an eyelash curler, they do not stay curled for long.

Clinically Proven Lash Serum 2ml $29.95*

The clinically proven lash serum is described as a serum you apply to your bare lashes before mascara in the morning and before you go to bed at night. It has been formulated with ingredients such as Keratin and Filoxane (growth), Hyaluronic Acid (reinforce) and Castor Oil (nourish lashes). It is a lash serum that is said to protect, fortify and beautify lashes back to life.

The pen is slim line twist and a pointer soft but firm white brush on the other end. I assumed that one twist of serum per upper and lower lash line, as I didn’t know how much product would come out. I applied the lash serum post skincare on my morning and night time routines and left it to dry which took about a minute per eye. I did attempt to do the 30 day lash challenge, however along the way I did notice, especially in the first week and a half, I did experience minimal lash fall outs, which I didn’t find particularly concerning as this was normal in my experience. I did notice after 2 weeks of applying twice a day that I didn’t experience any more lash fall out, which was good.

I found that after just a little over 20 days I ran out of serum. I tried to use as much of what was left on the brush but after a few more days after it dried and didn’t feel soft on the lash line so I stopped using it. After 20 days, I did notice my eyelashes appeared fuller especially on the upper lashes and darker in appearance. I didn’t notice any length during this time but was pleasantly surprised as how thick it looked in the photos. I wished there was at least 5ml of serum instead of 2ml so I could have easily completed 30 days of the lash serum challenge.

Overall, you can tell from my before and after how it had changed the appearance of my lashes. I’m happy to have tried it and seen the results. My lashes appeared fuller, darker and healthy. I wished there was more serum and that it could also helped to lengthen my lashes. For what it is worth, it’s considerably affordable if you compare with other brands in the drugstore arena that works. I would recommend it to those that are skeptical or want to try it. It does take time to get use to using it. You need to use twice a day and try to be consistent. I definitely know I skipped a night or a morning time but have tried to continue with the challenge.

The L’Oreal clinically proven lash serum is now available online and in store at Priceline and Priceline Pharmacies and via: priceline.com.au/.