Madam Glam One Step Gel Polishes

Madam Glam One Step Gel Polishes

It was really lovely when I received an email from Ana (my new contact person) from Madam Glam. I had initially worked alongside Madam Glam and I was pleasantly surprised they wanted to work with me again. 

I was sent these new to me gel polishes with a mini led lamp and just like the first nail polishes I tested in the past, I was excited to give gel polishes a go. I have only ever had a professional apply gel polishes and never thought to use these at the comfort of my home.

For those that may not be familiar with the brand Madam Glam, they are makers of cruelty-free nail polishes, based in the Fashion District of New York. These nail polishes are one of many healthier nail polish options if you are looking for alternatives. All of their nail polishes are made from cruelty-free, vegan and 5 free ingredients. They also offer worldwide shipping and if you happen to pick up a mini led lamp, just be sure to have a travel plug adapter as they use a US plug.

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I received *Sweet Melody (pastel purple) and *Hubby’s Favorite (bright coral-pink) and *VIP gel polishes, but decided to try the latter, as I was gravitating more towards this colour and it seemed to suit my skin tone better. The brush is a standard circular brush that easily applies gel polish generously over the nails and was neither thin or thick in consistency. I found the colour to appear sheer at first and after 2 coats, the colour appeared a pinkish-brown with a nice healthy shine. I used the mini led lamp in between applying coats of the gel nail polish for about 60 seconds each time.

This polish claims to last a good 3 weeks of perfect shine & wear, but I managed to just scrap by a good 7 days (without base or top coat) before my nails began to chip and partly peel off. I figured I try again and this time, I applied a base coat and applied 2 coats of VIP gel polish and then a top coat. When using a base and top coat, I was able to extend the life of my nail polish to 12 days in total. I found it hard to keep my nail polish from chipping and peeling after about a week.

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As you know, being a mum, I am hands on with my son and do use my hands a lot. I often find nail polishes just do not stay on my nails for the claimed timeframe. This outcome may differ from someone who may not wash their hands as often as I do and perhaps the polishes could last up to that said timeframe. I also found the scent of these gel polishes to be a mild chemically smell that eventually faded. I just want to stress that this smell may not be found on all gel polishes and just mine. Also, I have never experienced this chemically smell with previously nail polishes I received from this brand. It may have been a bad batch or something happened in transit, but that is the only negative I have about these gel polishes. I would still use them though, as the finishes are similar to what you can expect at a nail salon.

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