Manda Made – A Natural Makeup Remover Lavender

I am slowly getting closer to using more cruelty free, natural and organic skincare + makeup. Rest assured that I will eventually become a convert. Manda Made beauty products are just one of the many I have been incorporating into my daily beauty routine. These products have contributed to helping my skin turn a new leaf–make my skin look and feel its best.

“Our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier and there is an increasing number of evidence to show how toxins in cosmetics can hinder our health. All ingredients are certified organic, vegan friendly and locally sourced.” – Manda Made.

*Natural Makeup Remover Lavender 100ml + Reusable Cotton Round

I often stick to what I know and use all the time, but like many products, I’m often searching for the next best all natural alternative makeup remover that is free of toxins and nasty ingredients I can’t pronounce. We’ve all been there, trying products that are simply harsh on our delicate faces and leaving them more irritable than before. Upon using this natural makeup remover, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. Scented makeup removers aren’t my thing and I stay away just because my dry and sensitive skin can’t hack it.

I happily did a patch test on the back of my hand, which is currently dry. I know the two surfaces are different, however, the product didn’t irritate my hand at all. Using the reusable 100% cotton round, I did 1 swipe across one side of my face (eyes included). I want to say magic, but that’s unicorns talking now, but it was gentle and comfortable to remove makeup without the tugging and rubbing I often experienced with other products similar to this one.

My skin had never felt clean after a few swipes that I didn’t really need to rinse my face. This makeup remover is talented that you can also use this as a non-rinsed cleanser for removal of the toughest makeup–like waterproof. Its key ingredients are coconut oil (anti-bacterial for removing dirt), witch hazel extract (cleanser to help tone skin and remove blemishes) and lavender essential oil (an antiseptic for acne and wrinkles). This product is a beautiful and natural makeup remover that cleanses, tones and calms skin to the next level.

You can get yours and more beauty products on the Manda Made website. They currently only ship to Australia, however if you are an international consumer, please contact them for more information.

Have you tried this Natural Makeup Remover? 


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