Mandy Cosmetics Flirt Lashes

Mandy Cosmetics - Flirt Lashes

I have always wanted to learn the best practice of applying false lashes as easily as someone trying to line their upper lash line. I know I am quite the shaky beginner when it comes to doing both. I honestly have not been confident enough to play around with lining my upper lash line, nor have I tried to wear false lashes more often than I should. Maybe it is because of my lack of confidence that I deter from trying to give something new-to-me a go. 

Amanda Azeredo, founder of Mandy Cosmetics, a makeup artist always wanted to start her own cosmetics line. From her past experience as a user of false lashes, she designed, and by hand made false lashes from using the highest quality Canadian mink fur. Her brand has also partnered up with a cancer research foundation, were a donation of 5% from every single lash purchased at Mandy Cosmetics will go towards fighting this disease.

Amanda, reached out to see if I would be interested to try a set of her 100% genuine mink and animal cruelty free eyelashes. Naturally, I would have said no, because I really do not wear false lashes that much, but I need to step outside of my comfort zone and try letting this fear of “stuffing up” go.

Mandy Cosmetics - Flirt Lashes 2

Using a generous coupon from Amanda, I purchased the Manda Lashes Flirt as the set I wanted to a play around with. Upon came a mini black box that stored these truly beautiful eyelashes. I could not stop eyeballing them and wanted to keep them in their case for as long as possible.

Mandy Cosmetics - Flirt Lashes 3

I can already tell how gorgeous it looked, but gosh, I was really excited to try them on. The lashes added that extra va-va-voom (volume and length) that natural lashes, sadly do not give. They also appear quite delicate and light, as they do not weigh down on the eyes. You do not have to apply mascara while wearing these lashes and can be used up to 25 times.

TCE_Mandy Lashes

These feel soft as the band is made from cotton to give the added comfort as it sits nicely on the eyes. Compared to past experiences, this is by far the softest and naturally pleasing to the eye. It does not have a shiny film overlaying the lashes than those you might find at the drugstore that are made from synthetic fibres.

Amanda has kindly given my subscribers and readers a 10% off code. If you want to use this code, visit, add your products and type “SAVE10” at the checkout.

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