MAYBELLINE Tattoo Brow Gel Tint in Grey Brown

I have been a fan of the original Maybelline tattoo brow gel mascara and recently came across this via instagram. For a while, I had seen people posting about how good it was and how it made their brows look “instagram worthy”. Whatever that means, I wanted to have my brows looked tinted, shaped and identical if that is even possible

“Wake up to defined, evenly filled brows! Our 1st peel-off gel-tint that lasts up to 3 days.” –

Back story, I naturally have thick, dark brows and in no way do I really need or ever depend on brow products. But since I am a beauty blogger and I try to use various kinds of makeup products from time to time, I was curious about the hype around this particular product.

MAYBELLINE Tattoo Brow Gel Tint in Grey/Brown 5ml

All the instructions is labelled and easily readable on the box, and in 3 simple steps, you should follow it to a tee. The result should show your tinted brows in the shade you picked from the beginning. I choose the darkest, grey-brown since I thought that would suit my skin complexion and hair. As I mentioned before, I already have dark brows, so if they had black as a shade option, it might look a little crazy on me. There are currently 4 shades to choose from (light brown, medium brown, dark brown, grey brown) and one of those will surely suit you.

The gel-tint formula is this thick and gluggy consistency and a thin brush applicator to coat your brows. I simply dipped the brush in several times per brow to coat a thick layer on my brows and now I looked like Ugly Betty, well according to my hubby. It states on the box that a thick even layer will give a better result and to wait a minimum of 20 minutes and as long as 2 hours, which I decided to do, since I had nothing to loose.

After waiting maybe a little over 2 hours, I finally removed one brow by slowly peeling off from the outside to the inner corner of my eye. I have read and watched some people say that a couple of their brow hairs would be pulled off whilst trying to remove the gel tint. I didn’t experience any pain, thinking that applying a thick layer may have been a reason why I didn’t have that problem.

I did noticed that my right brow is not as heavily tinted as my left brow naturally, so it may look as though I didn’t apply an even consistency. I found that while it coated my brows beautifully and tinted them nicely, the sparse left brow evenly covered those sparse areas better and tinted the skin surrounding the hairs. Whereas, the already thick right brow, simply added the tint on the skin and the brows, giving a more natural appearance.

It is enriched with royal jelly and aloe vera, which helps to condition the tinted brows, as they gradually and evenly fading over time. You can use a micellar water or waterproof makeup remover to remove all traces of the gel tint, should you decide you no longer want to have it on your brows.

Overall, I found using this gel tint to be effective on thick brows and sparse brows. It was easy to use and remove without any hairs from being pulled away, well from my own personal experience anyway. I also found that it was easy to clean up any strayed hairs from plucking after the tint had dried. I was happy with the outcome, as it lasted a good 4 days and would recommend to anyone who had ever considered about tinting their brows through a professional and can do so in the comfort of their home. It is such a convenient, affordable and pain-free product that anyone can master.

The brow tint lasts according to the Maybelline website, 3 months depending on how often you use it and it claims to last up to 3 days per application. You can purchase this from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and wherever genuine Maybelline products are sold and retails for AUD$24.95.

Have you tried this Maybelline Tattoo Brow Gel Tint? Did you like it?

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