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MEDIK8 Physical Sunscreen SPF 50+


The last several months I have been on a journey exploring sunscreens. I am getting better incorporating them into my daily skincare routines. This new and improved formula from Medik8 is one of my newest discoveries. Continue reading to learn more.

Physical sunscreens are highly effective at protecting the skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation from the sun which causes premature skin ageing.” – Daniel Isaacs, Formulation & Development, Medik8.

*Physical Sunscreen 60ml $69

The new and improved physical sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF 50+ is described as a perfect sunscreen for daily protection. It is rich in antioxidants and is reinforced with anti-pollution, anti-infrared, and anti-glycation technologies to help shield skin from environmental aggressors that help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

The physical sunscreen aka mineral or inorganic sunscreen uses UV filters, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This product presents itself as coral reef-friendly, which has a lightweight formulation, a non-sticky texture that blends seamlessly when applied to skin with a semi-matte finish that is suitable for oillier or blemish prone skin types.

Key Ingredients: zinc oxide (22.75% w/w) a mineral sunscreen filter with broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB rays, marrubium vulgare extract (powerful antioxidant to help shield delicate skin from pollution-induced damage), carnosine (protective peptide naturally produced in the body that helps to block skin-damaging sugars from binding to collagen in the skin—aka glycation process).

To use: I shake the tube before use and apply 3 fingers or 1/4 teaspoon amount of sunscreen to my face. I apply in thin layers massaging it in so that I don’t spend a long time massaging thick layers of product that can often still leave a white cast. I found that applying it this way for my dry-sensitive skin type, helps to reduce the white cast that is commonly seen when using mineral sunscreens.

I will note that there is no sticky or tacky residue once the sunscreen settles and dries. It leaves my skin feeling soft and I am able to layer on makeup if I need to. I add extra for my neck and décolletage that are sun exposed. I used this product in rotation with other sunscreens depending on what I am doing on that particular day. I do prefer to use SPF 50+ sunscreens when I spend more time outdoors and leave any sunscreen with SPF 30+ / < when spending time indoors. The Medik8 physical sunscreen and the full skincare collection are available at authorised online stores and via the brand website.


*PR sample for review consideration. All opinions here are 100% mine.

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