Mere Skincare: Australian Beauty Brand Redefining Dewy Skin


As someone who had endured troubled skin since her teenage years—struggling to combat teenage acne, dehydrated, flakey skin to inflamed and sensitive skin. I have tried and tested various products to help me replenish and restore my skin to how it appears today at age 38. Yes, I am a young 38, thank my Asian genes and my recent profound love for good skincare routines, which has helped to wind down the clock a bit.

Dewy skin is something I have been experimenting in my beauty routine for the last few months. Dewy skin can be created by using a combination of skincare and makeup. Because I hardly wear makeup nowadays, I have been focusing on perfecting a youthful skin, I am all about my skin now and how I can age gracefully.

Mere Skincare are the next generation in A-Beauty. A brand that offers super natural skincare products. Their aims are to push boundaries in modern skincare by combining scientific methodologies incorporated with super natural, bio active botanicals found in unique Australian landscapes.

Resilience 8 Bio-Illuminating Face Oil 30ml $62

The resilience 8 bio-illuminating face oil is described as a lightweight, glow-boosting oil that helps to rehabilitate and restore skin back from dull to dewy. It is enriched with a blend of powerful 8 super-absorbable oils, multiple forms of vitamin C and bio-active CoQ10.

I have a soft spot for facial serums & oils and I was thrilled to add this new facial oil into my skin routine. Because I have dry & flakey skin (with the winter blues in play), how on earth could I create a beautiful, natural-looking dewy skin with my current skin condition? This facial oil does wonders not just for replenishing my dry & flakey skin, but gives this subtle dewiness that I could only imagine if I had a longer 10 step skin routine. I could cut my skin routine shorter in just 4 steps as it leaves a luminous glow that my skin is screaming for. Just add 2-3 drops of oil between fingers then massage to face and neck as a stand alone step. To enhance this dewy skin, I also love to incorporate a few drops to my favourite moisturiser. This facial oil is suitable for all skin types and is 100% vegan.

There’s just something about this luxurious oil that makes my skincare routine extra special. It is the perfect investment when wanting a natural dewy skin in winter.

“A-beauty is about authenticity and the confidence to be exactly who we are. A-beauty is effortless, pure and uncomplicated.” – Mere Skincare.

Elemental 360 Cell-Active Face Cream 50ml $62

The element 360 cell-active face cream is described as a hybrid cream that delivers deep hydration, even tone and a perfect primer base for makeup. It is enriched with a smoothie-like concoction of Australian Kakadu Plum, Australian Undaria Pinnatifida, Australian Centipeda Cunningamii, and Elix-IR—all hard-working key ingredients to help replenish skin barrier, protect & reduce signs of lines, and skin damage.

The face cream is lightweight, creamy and a little goes a long way. It absorbs readily leaving a very comfortable moisturised finish. Immediately, my skin appeared supple, soft and smooth. To boost hydration levels, I also enjoy adding a couple of drops of resilience 8 bio-illuminating face oil overnight. I found this helped to continuously hydrate my skin the following day and keep my flakey skin at bay.

The face cream is outstanding for moisture and hydration, however, I didn’t find it exceptional as I have used similar creams for my skin type. This product is 100% vegan and is suitable for all skin types, especially those with drier and dehydrated skin types.