Mid-Year Blogger Goals / Catch Up

Mid-Year Blogger Goals 2016 / Catch Up

I did not plan to take a week off in June, but my father-in-law came down from Brisbane to visit and shortly after, we were expecting some extended family to stay with us. I had gone into housewife mode to clean up and make room for our next guests, but then I was told they were no longer going to stay over. I had no time to work on any posts while this was all happening.

On the family front, my son who is almost 15 months old, he is learning a lot of new things daily like walking, opening drawers, as well as hiding his toys and bibs in odd places. Little boys grow up way too quickly, but I adore him and enjoy the time I spend with my family, though I also know this limits my time I spend on my blog. My schedule for my blog was 3 days a week and have found there are simply not enough of me time to blog that often. I certainly do not want to neglect this blog and chat with you guys who tune in weekly. My new post schedule would cut down to twice a week, depending on my free time. If you do not see any new posts on this blog, you are welcome to follow me on instagram, as I post on there daily.

I mentioned in my Blogger Goals 2016 post, 3 aspects that I wanted to focus on, which were: Spend Time Writing Quality Content, Engagement with Readers and Leave More Comments on Other Bloggers Blogs. To briefly recap what had been happening, I was going strong with posting regularly and on schedule, writing posts that I was really happy to share with you. Until now, my pace had slowed down and it was not because I had ran out of ideas or topics to cover, it was my writer’s block and I went into a blank space or maybe a black hole. I know I am going through some kind of weird funk right now, but I do want to get back into writing again.

I am lacking viewer engagement, as I do not respond to your comments as soon as I approve them and often respond back weeks later. I also have had no time to catch up with reading your posts and leaving more comments on your blogs where I can. I recall this dwindling spiral beginning in May and I have a lot more to work on before the year ends. My apologies for my lack of online presence, but being a full time mum does take the majority of my time away from sitting down and writing. I may be trying to do too much in a short amount of time, but I still enjoy blogging that still interest me and I am happy to share those with you all. Hopefully by the end of the year, I will return with more positive outcomes and can share those with you.

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