MILK & Co: A Natural Baby Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin


When my 3 year old son experienced eczema at just 4 months old 3 years ago, it was quite an overwhelming time. Being first time parents, my hubby and I knew nothing about childhood eczema and the delicate sensitive skin we would have to protect. We tried all kinds of baby skincare products, from dermatologist recommendations, to our GP and his paediatrician. There were lots of temporary reliefs and all we wanted was his skin to get better.

“Designed from first-hand experience as a parent; Michael Klim came up with Baby skincare products that everyone needs, so you can feel confident about what you’re using on those who matter most. Milk Baby was created so you can focus on those fantastic moments in life. Milk Baby – made from all the good stuff.” – Milk & Co.

Over the course of 2 years, his eczema eventually disappeared, all thanks to constant moisturising skin, using wet wraps, and prescription creams. Fast forward, he is 3 years old and his skin continues to get better everyday. While we had a down pat skincare routine for him, my youngest 11 month old son also encountered eczema. It wasn’t full blown like his older brother, but enough to be aware of how to deal with the situation. It is easy now that we know what to do without being panic-stricken.

*Baby Moisturiser 150ml $12.95 / 375ml $19.95

As parents, we look for baby skincare products that don’t contain harsh chemicals, instead products made from using safe, natural or organic ingredients. The baby moisturiser’s key ingredients are organic coconut oil, milk protein and shea butter. A unique formulation that has been dermatology tested to hydrate baby’s sensitive skin.

We have tried other brands that have helped to nourish, soothed and protect our little boys sensitive skin and always like to try new brands to compare. We aren’t really loyal to any one brand as we like to explore products that can better hydrate dry and protect sensitive skin for our children.

We decided to take the milk baby moisturiser on our recent family holiday, since I have been impressed with Milk & CO’s for her skincare products I had tried in the past. The baby moisturiser is available in two sizes. The 150ml bottle is the perfect size to take on trips and lasts a long time. The moisturiser is slightly rich, but a lightweight creamy texture and when massaged into the skin, it melts right away and is fast absorbed. It left skin feeling instantly soft, smoothed and nourished, as well as hydrated all day as long as you keep moisturising, which we did approximately 3 times a day.

Milk & Co milk baby range is available nationwide and can be found in selected Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, Baby Bunting stores and Bubs Baby Shops in QLD. For your nearest stockist, please visit: