Milk & Co. Body Scrub + Invigorate Me Revitalising Body Lotion

The Milk & Co. brand is an Australian natural skincare company created by Michael Klim (Aussie swimmer) and his wife Lindy Klim. I had not heard of this brand before, but they do offer a range of skincare lines from a cleanser, moisturisers, body scrub, makeup wipes, body oil, and face mask. Most of their ingredients are made up of 95% naturally derived and in Australia. Continue reading to learn more.

“We believe everyone deserves the best, natural ingredients, that are Australian made. We aim to develop premium products at an affordable price, that way the whole family can enjoy the goodness.” – Milk & Co.

*Body Scrub 375ml

I love a good body scrub that I can use every few days along with a body wash. My relationship with a body scrub is a bit like makeup face remover wipes. I go through them fairly quickly and if I like it just enough, I will go ahead and repurchase it. I love when a body scrub is gentle, but at the same time has some grit or maybe like mildly grainy that I feel work to remove the dead skin cells off my body.

This body scrub is gentle, but weak and in saying that it still can help to scrub away dead skin cells, however, this would benefit someone who doesn’t like a mild or coarse textured body scrub. It is formulated in a brown gel consistency with tiny coconut shell–that is the scrub component and the scent is this combination of turmeric and cinnamon. It also contains aloe vera, rosehip oil, lavender oil and bark oil, which helps to keep skin hydrated, nourishing, smooth and soft all day. It retails for AUD$16.95 and can be purchase online and through Priceline.

*Invigorate Me Revitalising Body Lotion 375ml

After stepping out of the shower, I love to use a body moisturiser/lotion right away. I find that using a body scrub and a body moisturiser go hand in hand in helping to lock in moisture and keep skin nourished. This revitalising body lotion has a creamy consistency that melts into the skin quickly. It has this black pepper and shea butter aroma that awakens the skin. It contains natural antioxidants, caffeine and avocado oil, which all can help to stimulate blood circulation to help treat aches and pains.

I found this body lotion to keep my skin moisturised all day, but don’t feel it has helped to treat my back aches that I have been experiencing in this pregnancy. Though that is not a negative for me, I still enjoy the benefit of it keeping my skin looking supple and healthy in appearance. This product uses 100% recyclable packaging, doesn’t test on animals and contains no parabens. It retails for AUD$19.95 and can be purchased online and at Priceline.

Have you tried any of the Milk & Co. skincare range?

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