Mini MAC Lipstick Haul

Mini MAC Lipstick Haul

Happy Saturday! So I realised I have uploaded 2 lipstick posts consecutively in the space of 3 days, but I am sure there are a bunch of you lipstick lovers, who may find this a good treat. Especially, if you love both Kat Von D lipsticks and MAC lipsticks. Today’s mini post, just like the title, are these gorgeous everyday lip colour essentials. 

I never thought I would pick up any more MAC lipsticks (I own a few that I have yet to finish). I enjoy reading up on my favourite bloggers that have talked about MAC lipsticks non-stop. I figured, I could not pass on these 2 when I was swatching them on the back of my hand and a bit on my lips. Do not worry, the makeup associate had wiped the testers clean before I applied them on. Also, is there ever a good time to buy MAC lipsticks? ?

Mini MAC Lipstick Haul 2

Many of you know I prefer matte finish lipsticks. I like how classic they appear and if I find a really good quality one that is not harsh on the lips, then it is a godsend. Often though, I end up buying a matte lipstick that is so drying, it ruins my mood. The matte MAC lipstick I own named Ruby Woo gives me the $h!ts, I mean the colour is a gorgeous red, but hell it drags my skin. It is like rubbing sand paper across my lips and that is not a good image. Maybe, it is a bad batch that I end up with the $h!t end of the stick, but yeah, not happy. Rant over.

Mini MAC Lipstick Haul 3

I also realised that I have a few more nude (brown shades) of lipsticks that a girl really does not need. This Taupe just happens to be my kind of nude, natural or whatever you want to call it 90s lipstick. I love this matte formula, a nice creamy matte, as it reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipstick in Birkin Brown.

The other, a satin finish, I own 2 other shades that I do not pull out as often as I would like. I looked at this Brave lipstick and never found it to be appealing. The other option was Mehr, but it appeared a bit more pink than I could handle. The colour on this bullet is not what it shows up on my lips, as it almost has this subtle pink (it did not wash me out) that I like and has my seal of approval for everyday use. This is probably a shade I would not go for immediately, but the makeup associate lured me to this colour and I never looked back.


Edit: I just thought I might as well add some swatches that I have added on my instagram feed. Since, I just adore these lipsticks, I had to share with you guys even though you may have already seen what these look like. But here is my 2 cents.

What is your favourite MAC lipstick colour? Do you have these colours in your collection?

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