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MIRENESSE: 2-IN-1 All Day Micro Brow Pencil + Definer Crayon


The latest to hit my desk are these NEW Mirenesse 2-in-1 brow duo. I’m one that particularly has a love and hate relationship with my brows. Side note, I have naturally thick dark brows that I don’t maintain as often as I should. I rely on brow products for the most part to help me make my brows appear presentable in minutes. Continue reading to learn more about this quick to use brows done in no time at all.

All Day Micro Brow Pencil + Definer Crayon 0.2g/0.05g $35*

The micro brow pencil + defined crayon is encased in this muted champagne gold sleek slim 2-in-1 ultra fine-tip retractable brow pencil with a micro blade effect, and a triangular micro highlighter ideal for outlining and highlighting brows. It contains coconut, castro oils and collagen boosting vitamin c to help nourish brows and leave a beautiful radiance around the brows. The formula glides on easy and smoothly for a quick touch up or press firm to reveal a darker colour.

The micro brow duo is available in 3 shades: taupe blonde, soft brown and cappuccino (this is my preferred shade for my dark brows). The 2-in-1 brow duo pencils offer long wearing, easy to use and feel feather light on the brows. The micro highlighter is a universal shade on all brow pencils. It can also be used as a general highlighter for other parts of your face. It has a creamy texture that is easily blendable without it caking up or enhancing dry skin patches.

This brow set is suitable for all types of brows to help create or fill in missing brows and add definition to already awesome looking brows.

For me the micro brow pencil provides a pigmented, beautiful and natural matte finish. The micro highlighter is easy to apply and blends easily with a finger that leaves a beautiful subtle glow or apply more for intense radiance. Use it to define over or under the brows, inner corners of your eyes and your lips. Use a brush or cotton tip or your finger and whichever works for you. This is my current fave brow products, as it helps me create quick, natural but presentable brows that are defined with an added lift to my eye area.

Mirenesse uses high quality combined with the best of Australian botanicals that are clinically proven. The brand uses natural fragrances and essential oils that are fragrance free, hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin types. All products are cruelty-free since 1999.

To view the full collection of Mirenesse makeup and skincare products visit their online website:



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