MIRENESSE: 60 Seconds To a Happy & Glowing Skin


There are probably several versions of this kind of skincare device from many brands known and unknown on the market right now. Prices may vary, but the one thing that they all have in common is how great they probably are at cleansing skin. I personally have never used anything like this, so I was both intrigued and excited to finally experience one and share my thoughts.

“The Pebble Sonics multiple brush surfaces allow for cleansing sensitive skin areas, normal skin areas as well as body cleansing. Ideal for all skin types and genders, for a deep cleansing action not possible with normal hand washing. Extremely beneficial to congested skin with fine lines and open pores.” – Mirenesse.

*Pebble Sonic Skin Clearing Facial Beauty Device $169

The pebble sonic skin clearing facial beauty device (a mouthful!) is a skincare tool that helps to essentially clean your skin, like if you were going to have a professional facial session, but better and affordable long term. The pebble sonic is made up of soft silicone tips that help with deep skin cleansing. Think gentle exfoliation if your skin is congested, it can help to open up pores as the silicone tips massages skins surface. To use: I wet my skin and the pebble sonic, then apply my chosen cleanser onto the device, turn it on by pressing the (center) power button. I haven’t changed the setting/speed since I received it so I’m assuming it is on standard speed. I spend about 15 seconds at a time on my forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. After 60 seconds, my skin feels softer, smoother and gives that natural glow I need right now (because winter dull skin).

PebbleSonic Features:

– 100 Vibrations/Second
– Up to 300 Beauty Treatments in 1 Charge (approx. 6 months)
– 100% Waterproof
– 3000 Soft Silicone Tips (gentle on sensitive skins)
– USB Rechargeable
– 10 year Quality Guarantee

Before I started using this device, I would alternate with washing my face with my hands and using a branded electronic cleansing brush (broke me out while using the sensitive brush head). I have given myself plenty of time to use the pebble sonic and let me preface by saying the device has been nothing short of amazing. I have not experienced a break out, redness or discomfort and my skin felt fine afterwards. I have used a few different cleansers on rotation and none had made my skin broke from using this device. It’s so easy to use, I completely zone out when I start my skincare routine with the pebble sonic.

The only time I would use my hands to cleanse my skin is when I would use an exfoliating product and a cleansing oil/balm. During a double cleansing routine, the pebble sonic becomes my second step. It is a gentle, calming and a deep cleansing device that really cleans out my pores. I have noticed a difference after a week into using this skincare tool–my skin is better now. I mentioned in another post how my skin gives this natural glow and strangers approach me to me to give their compliments. This is the first product that allows my skin to breath and products in later steps are easily absorbed quickly. It is this first step that has made a big contribution to my natural glowing skin and it is all in the techniques. This is one investment I will continue to use for a long time.

The Mirenesse pebble sonic skin clearing facial beauty device is available online at the Mirenesse website and selected online authorised store, check stockist here.