MIRENESSE: How To Streamline Your Jawline, Chin And Neck Fast!


After having 2 children in the last 3 and 1/2 years, I have struggled to shed the baby weight for both pregnancies. Then the double chin made its debut, which didn’t bother me until just recently when I made a silly face in the mirror.

There are a few solutions to help reduce the appearance of a double chin. The first in the forefront of my mind is to exercise, then came injectables and then surgery. Of course I wanted the easiest and pain free method. I am not vain, because I can leave the house without any makeup which I do all the time. It occurred to me that other than the fact I should be more active and exercise consistently again, I wanted to see if there was a product that could help to minimise the appearance, firm and tighten the skin under my chin. I stumbled across Mirenesse, a clean beauty brand and cruelty-free since 1999 and is 96% vegan.

Fast Fix Chin Tuck V Shape Lifting Serum Mini 10g $17*

The chin tuck v shape lifting serum acts fast to help smooth and bring elasticity back to the skin. It helps to renew skin texture, as well as to streamline chin, creating a youthfully v shape that defies its age. It’s 10 key ingredients: Lyslastine (stimulates elastin enzyme), Idealift (anti-sagging elastin stimulator), Phytosonic (decreases fat tissue), Revidrate (stimulates skin revival and hydration), COQ-10 (skin cell protective against ageing), Rice Stem Cells (protects skin stem cells), Caffeine (stimulates lipolysis in cells), Hyaluronate (moisturiser), Egf-1 (epidermal growth factor), and Niacinamide (brightens, evens and refined skin tone and texture).


As you can see, I decided to take a Before side view photo to compare with the first application of the serum, an After side view photo. My chin and jawline have improved since using this product. Not saying that I no longer have a double chin after using this product, but it has helped to lift and streamline my neck and jawline. Now that this product is empty, I have more confidence in taking my next approach, which is to exercise and eat a balance diet.

From this experience, it was easy to use, pain free and I was able to achieve a streamlined jawline and neck within minutes. I would recommend this as a temporary fix, but as a long term improvement, there maybe other options you would need to consider. For me this was an interesting experience and one I would recommend if you are looking to explore a temporary and pain free avenue to tightening saggy skin around your jawline and neck areas.

The Mirenesse fast fix chin tuck v shape lifting serum is available on their website: www.mirenesse.com and sold at other authorised retailers nationally.