MIRENESSE: iCurl The Ultimate Lash Lift


Aside from having very small to nonexistent eye lashes, some of my lashes grow straight or curve downwards and require help to curl them up. I heavily rely on using an eyelash curler to give my lashes the lift to complete my face. The invention of heated eyelash curlers are not new to me, however, I am interested to see how this compares to other heated eyelash curlers.

“This Award Winning ultimate duo is all you’ll ever need for extreme 24Hr curled lashes. The NEW Generation 2 iCurl Twin Heated Curler comes with twice the power to work like mini curling tongs to give your lashes a 90° root to tip dramatic long-lasting lash lift.” – Mirenesse.

*Twin Heated Lash iCurl Power Duo (curler + mascara 10g) $79

The idea of using a heated eyelash curler is to help lift your face, help those stubborn straight lashes or the downward lashes on my case that don’t and won’t hold curls, as well as make your eyes appear bigger, wider and give you that beautiful doe-eyed look.

The twin heated curler has twice the power (2 heated silicone pads), are safe and gentle to use even for sensitive eye sufferers. How to use, follow the steps below (found on the Mirenesse website):

1. Insert 2 x AAA batteries as guided. Replace the cover.
2. Slide On/Off Switch to ON to pre-heat the iCurl. The heating indicator light should be on.
3. The silicone heating pads will change colour from red to white to indicate the pads are warm enough to use (take approx. 60 seconds).
4. Hold curler with the front facing you. Place the warm silicone pads at the roots of your eyelashes.
5. Slowly, push up the slider to secure top lashes firmly in between the 2 heated silicone pads
6. While holding the clamped lashes, tilt the iCurl 45° upwards for extra curl. Hold in position for at least 15 seconds.
7. Repeat the above process until your desired curl appears.
8. Please ensure that you slide the switch to OFF to turn off your iCurl and preserve batteries.
9. Apply Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara to lock in your curls.
10. Gently wipe silicone pads with a damp cloth and dry after each use. Do not immerse the iCurl in water.

From my first impressions, I definitely struggled as it had been a while since I last used a similar product to this one. Although, my lashes slightly lifted, it could have definitely lifted even further if I used it longer, which is my fault and not the heated lash curler. More practice needed to get the right amount of lift and I can definitely see myself use this more over my other manual non-heated lash curler. Previous heated eyelash curlers from experience weren’t as consistent with the heated silicone pads, as it took longer for the pads to change colour and found that the curl didn’t stay lifted as long compared with Mirenesse iCurl.

To maintain the curl after using the iCurl turbo heated lash, team it up with your favourite curl mascara or this amazing—the iCurl secret weapon 24h mascara. All you need are 2 coats applied to your lashes that will give your lashes thickness, curl and definition.

You can purchase the iCurl turbo heated lash curler alone or as a duo with the iCurl secret weapon 24h mascara over on the Mirenesse website here.