MIRENESSE: Magnomatic, Line, Click, Wow Liner & Lash Kit


I’ve stressed in the past how awkward and amateurish I am when it comes to makeup, especially lining my upper lash line and applying false lashes. I was a little scared when the Mirenesse NEW magnomatic liner & lash kit arrived at my door step. I have waited long enough to put these beautiful lashes to the test. Continue reading to learn more.

Magnetic Liner Day & Night Lash Kit – Natural Audrey $149*

The magnetic liner day & night lash kit is described as a kit that is easy and quick to use to apply false lashes. The magnetic eyeliner is suitable for beauties like me with little to no skill. It claims to be safe to use and doesn’t hurt your own lashes that can be experienced with harsh lash glues that can often lead to damage of natural lashes.

The magnetic eyeliner is supposed to help attach the false lashes within 5 seconds. There is no glue so there is no mess. The kit includes 2 pairs of lashes for day and night. These lashes are reusable of up to 30 times and can stay on for up to 24 hours. The reusable magnetic eyelashes are made from synthetic silk fibres.

From looking at the day and night false lashes, both appear glamorous and something I probably couldn’t pull off wearing either day or night. However, for this review, I have tried the day time lashes because they appeared like something I could wear both day and night but also seemed more natural for me. As a guide, I placed each false lash onto my eye to see if I need to trim, which I did just a tiny bit.

The eyeliner comes in this narrow small tube with a short wand and black small brush that’s firm but can hold the eyeliner liquid well without dripping. The liquid liner has a wet and thick consistency. I applied one thin layer without ever double dipping the brush back into the pot. As per the instruction card, I waited between 1-3 minutes to set or until the liner is slightly tacky. This was by far the hardest part, but you’d think after using lash serums to naturally grow my lashes I should be a pro after by now! It’s different, but it was an experience in it self. Definitely need more practice!

I found that applying the magnetic lashes wasn’t too difficult, but it took a bit of practice to get the shorter lash to stick down on the inner part of my upper lash line. Once both magnetic lashes had been attached, I found that it stayed on for as long as I left it on for about 5 hours. It didn’t feel uncomfortable or weighed down my eyes. It felt comfortable on for that period of time. Removal of the magnetic lashes were easy. The kit comes with a magnetic liner eye cleansing oil that contains grape seed oil. This is a rich cleansing oil that removed all traces of the magnetic eye liner and impurities from the delicate skin. I found that it was easy to use with a round makeup pad than a cotton tip. It left my eye areas feel cleansed, soft and smooth.

Overall, it look an amateur beauty like me about 1 minute to apply these lashes on my upper lashes and less time I would when using regular false lashes with glue. For first impressions, it was quite interesting and surprisingly not a bad attempt. More practice needed and I’m sure I’ll be on my way to becoming a pro at applying magnetic lashes in no time!

You can find these magnetic liner day & night lash kit and the rest of Mirenesse products online and at selected stockists by visiting: www.mirenesse.com/.