MIRENESSE: Metallic Matte Highlighter For Your Lips


New on the lip scene from Mirenesse are these gorgeous Metallic Matte liquid lipsticks that are supposed to last up to 12 hours, kiss proof and nourishing as it is enriched with vitamin c ester and vitamin e (antioxidants, anti-ageing, youth promotions effects). I have received 3 out 4 newest shades from the Lip Lift collection as part of the Matte – Long Wear Lips  range. Continue reading to learn more about these products.

Lip Lift Metallic 12hr Matte 4.3g $29*

The lip lift metallic 12hr matte liquid lipsticks are best described as a highlighter for your lips. They offer glam high shine to give your lips that fuller look. The liquid lipsticks come in a frosted tube with gold caps. The wand is long and consists of a flat and flexible doe-foot applicator. Product is easily applied to lips and has a whipped, lightweight creamy consistency. Each colour is pigmented and a little goes a long way. You can layer it on the lips but you will need to wait a good few minutes for it to dry otherwise it will become tacky, sticky and the lipstick won’t set.

There are a 4 new flattering colours and here I have 01. stunner, 02. dazzle and 04. divine. You can certainly alone, mix and match or pair with your favourite lipsticks and lip glosses. In my lip swatches I have worn them separately to show you what they look like alone without lip balm.

Once it is fully dried, it feels comfortable, colour is beautiful, fresh and doesn’t smudge drinking food & drink. For me it did last for as long as I had it on approximately 7 hours. I didn’t need to reapply but it did start to fade as the day ended. It doesn’t stain the lips and can easily be removed with a gentle lip makeup remover or your favourite makeup wipes.

Tip: if you plan to wear one colour alone, please prep your lips by exfoliating and apply a lip balm or lip primer because you want your lips to look smooth and not chapped as it will accentuate dry, chapped and flakey lips.

You can find these metallic matte liquid lipsticks and the rest of Mirenesse makeup and skincare products online via: www.mirenesse.com/. If you’d like to score 15% OFF all Mirenesse products, click here.



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