MIRENESSE Secret Weapon Mascara Collection

Raise your hand if you want naturally thick and long lashes? I know I do and I struggle most of the time when I just want my eyelashes to naturally look like they exist. I’m awful at applying false lashes, so that’s out for me and I often find that fibre lash mascaras–we kind of have a love and hate relationship. Sometimes they work and offer soft long lashes and other times they offer dry, spidery halloween-ish lashes. Continue reading to learn more about these products from Mirenesse Cosmetics.

“Professional quality make-up features unique multi-functional benefits woven with skin treatments encased in sleek, innovative eco-luxury packaging. Micro Dynamic Skincare features TDDS trans-dermal delivery system fused with functional, sustainable, natural & Organic ingredients, ideal for today’s intelligent woman.” – Mirenesse.

*4D Lash & Brow Evolution Serum 10g AU$129

The lash & brow serum has a lightweight yet creamy texture that is easy to apply to my top lash line. I used this product everyday about 1 or 2 times a day depending if I can remember. At first, it has this tingle sensation that lasts less than a minute and dries within 2 minutes. I found it easier to use at night after my PM skincare routine and before bed. If I used in the morning, I apply before putting on makeup but after I’ve completed my AM skincare.

I have been trailing this serum for a little over 2 weeks and so far have not experienced any irritation to my eyes. Mainly some mild tingle sensation on the skin before it goes away. I have been only testing it on my upper lashes and not on my lower lashes. You can also use this on your brows, but since I have naturally thick ungrommed brows, I don’t think I need volume right now. It claimed to ‘actively work within 2 weeks to stimulate hair growth to help develop and maintain healthy luscious long lashes and brows while keeping the eye area free from lines!‘ The serum apparently lasts a good 2-3months depending on how much is used and how often.

I could see that there has been some progress with the before and after shots. There are some volume happening from the roots, but can’t say the length of my lashes have changed. Perhaps if I continued to use this, there maybe more progress. Let me know if you would like me to write an updated post about this product after 2 months.

*Organic Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara Black 10g AU$39.95

This organic secret weapon mascara is a chemical free formula that consists of over 90% natural ingredients. It claims to be perfect for those seeking a balance of natural mascara plus amazing lash results.

This is another favourite mascara I have been using recently. I love that the large spiral brush that is easy to manoeuvre over each lash coating evenly, as it delivers dark curled lashes that looks natural in appearance. It contains a hydrating formula, which includes: bamboo extract to strengthen and improves volume and shine of your lashes, coconut milk for providing natural moisture from roots to ends as it contains Vitamin E to promote hair growth. Also, coconut oil to add luster, shine and softness to the hair, as it helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends, Brazil wax that provides a protective volumising coating to the hair.

I also found this has a slight scent of coconuts, which is unusual-to me, because there is nothing worse than having scented mascaras near your eyes that could irritate it, but this however, does not do that–no irritation and no red eyes. The scent is an organic coconut that fades as you apply to your lashes.

*Supreme Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara Black 10g AU$35

This supreme secret weapon mascara contains a formula that lifts as well as stretches your eyelashes. It claims to be water resistant, smear, sweat and sleep proof, and is also flake-free, The formula uses natural organic wax, which is said to nourish your eyelashes. The mascara brush is described as the ‘Bewitching Brush’, which was inspired by the shape of witches hat that is tapered to reach the smallest lashes on one end, and rounded on the wider end to easily load lashes.

I do enjoy having the benefit that this mascara will actually lengthen my lashes without smudging or irritating my eyes. This is suitable for sensitive eyes or contact wearers. I also found how surprisingly easy it was to remove the mascara by simply using warm water. You can use your fingers to slide off the tubes from your lashes or just dampen a round cotton pad with water to remove the mascara without pulling off your own.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing these products worked on my eyelashes. I didn’t have any major qualms about each of these products. However, I found that using the lash & brow serum took a little longer for some type of result to appear. Both mascaras delivered, but I am more in love with the organic secret mascara and that is probably because of the coconut scent.

I definitely recommend these products to those beauties who secretly want natural long lashes without breaking the bank. Even if it’s temporarily, the results will appear and you can safely use these in the comfort of your home. These products are cruelty-free, as well as free from: SLS, alcohol, parabens, sulphates, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance, phthalates, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, GMO’s, mercury, and propylene glycol.

Have you used any of these Mirenesse Mascaras? Which product is your favourite?

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