MURAD Resurgence Retinol Youth Renewal Bestsellers

Murad is a brand I have been curious about from the moment a blogger friend from the US had recommended me to take a look at their skincare line. We are talking about 2014, when Sephora AU and Murad Australia was non existent in Australia. Fast forward, I have been fortunate to have these gifted to me and I am thrilled to explore and use more products from this brand.

“A healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness both inside and out. Skincare can lead the way to overall health. Take all the necessary steps to achieve healthy skin – including the right products, the proper nutrients (from both food and supplements) and positive lifestyle choices – and over time, your whole body will be healthier too.” – Dr. Murad.

To see any kind of result, I have incorporated these 3 Murad products as part of my evening skincare routine for a period of 2 weeks that was used every single night. My skin goal was to visibly see minimised lines on my forehead and overall wanted skin to appear radiantly healthy.

*Resurgence Retinol Youth Renewal Serum 30ml $120

This retinol youth renewal serum uses retinol tri-active technology, which is a fast-acting retinoid, a time-released retinol, and a retinol booster. It is a potent and gentle formula that claims to visibly improve the appearance of lines, deep wrinkles, firms and evens skin tone. It also promotes radiance for more vibrant and youthful-looking skin under a 2 week period study.

For my 2 week trial, I found this serum to have helped turn around my dull and dry skin into a soft, supple and nourished skin. I also found that within this period, the fine lines that had been slowly surfacing my forehead had slowly faded. I can still see some minor lines, but they are not as pronounce as they were before using this product. When wearing makeup, they appear to be blurred and not noticeable at all. I have continued to use this in rotation to other serums, but this has been a groundbreaking product for my skincare routine thus far.

*Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum 30ml $118

This retinol youth renewal eye serum is a potent treatment that helps to minimise the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet. It is enriched with a nutrient-rich marine kelp complex ingredient that claims to help lift, firm and visibly brighten dark circles based on a 1 week period study.

I found this product to not seen any changes in how my eye area appeared to me. However, this might be a great product for prevention on any approaching wrinkles or dark circles around the eye area. I can’t say that after my 2 week trial period, I had noticed anything outstanding as I don’t have either of these targeted problems. I can see how this could help those who are experiencing ageing skin issues. This eye serum is suitable for normal, combination and dry skin types.

*Resurgence Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream 50ml $115

This retinol youth renewal night cream smells fresh and feels luxurious on my skin. It uses retinol tri-active technology, just like the serum that claims to deliver results to visibly minimise lines, wrinkles and smooth skin’s texture. It also contains a peptide-rich ingredient: red algae extract, which helps to improve firmness and elasticity.

I found this night cream to not only revive my dry and dull skin every night, it did amazingly at minimising sebum production. I noticed within a few days my skin appeared less oily, more hydrated, supple and soft with my inner beauty radiantly glowing. People seem to have noticed with and without me wearing makeup how much my skin had changed. While this might not be the only contributor into helping get my skin back to looking its best, it certainly did help to maintain my skin’s new outlook for tomorrow. This night cream is suitable for normal, combination, oily and dry skin types.

Have you tried Murad Skincare? Which products are your favourite?