My Makeup Brush Set – 10 Piece Oval Brushes

My Makeup Brush Set - 10 Piece Oval Brushes

When My Makeup Brush Set contacted me a few weeks back, I was a little surprised, but excited to try their full *10 piece oval brushes. Now, I am completely aware of how amateurish I am when it comes to applying makeup, but the challenge was set when these landed on my doorstep. 

I have seen some variations of oval brushes all over instagram and I was in no way convinced I needed to spend too much on something that may work just as well as the original oval brushes. For those that are still a bit confused, these oval brushes are just another makeup tool to apply and blend in makeup products. This 10 piece set comes in a variety of different sized brush heads with multi-functional features, see photo below.

My Makeup Brush Set - 10 Piece Oval Brushes 3

I received this set individually wrapped in clear cheap plastic and stored in a black felt dust bag with brand name marked across it. These brushes are made from China and are claimed to be worth USD$355 on the website, but it is listed at a much more affordable price of USD$25. These oval brushes appear very generic with no logo brand inscribed on the body of the brushes.

The handles are made from a light, but sturdy plastic material, and the thin neck leading up to the brush head has a slight flexibility to bend, giving the user leverage to apply makeup. The brush bristles are made from synthetic hair, as it felt soft to touch and not as densely compact. Some of the more large size brushes (A, B & D) do not hold their oval shape well in comparison with the original oval makeup brushes.

My Makeup Brush Set - 10 Piece Oval Brushes 4

My Makeup Brush Set - 10 Piece Oval Brushes 5

When compared with the other el-cheapo oval brush I purchased online, you will see some noticeable differences, but overall, both makeup brushes need little makeup product to blend into the skin. I found that these brush handles were not as ergonomic as other makeup brushes on the market. I prefer to use liquid and cream base makeup formulas, as the consistency worked best when applying product on the face. It gave me a smooth and almost perfect photoshopped skin. Although, with powdered makeup products, they did not hold weight on the brush and rather became messy to apply on the face.

Everyone else who have reviewed this product have had some amazing results, however, for me, the quality is good, but not as comparable to the high quality branded brushes such as the Artis or MAC oval makeup brushes. They are still great for beginners who are exploring makeup tool options as these are affordable and easy to use. You can purchase this and other variations online through the My Makeup Brush Set website.

Have you tried the latest oval makeup brushes? 

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