My Mini Sleek Makeup Blush Collection

My Mini Sleek Makeup Blush Collection

Blushes are my third favourite, after mascaras. I do not own much now after I did my stint in clearing out my makeup collection earlier in the year, but I have tried to keep ones that I know will last a long time. Sleek Makeup blushes to me is a brand that became popular a few years ago and now, I rarely hear any beauty blogger rave about it. I am a bit old school when it comes to brands that became a hype and I try in my own way keep the hype alive, even when people have moved on to loving the next big thing. 

I guess you could say, I am a loyal to brands kind of blogger, the one who, if she has set her eyes on a product and the product just works–melts her heart. Then, it is pretty much me raving about it for as long as my blog will allow me to! I have not used many Sleek Makeup products, just an eyeshadow palette, a couple of lipsticks and these blushes.

I love how timeless these blushes can be and I do not often refer to them as I should, because they do have some amazing quality with a high level of pigmentation. I find that compared to other blushes I currently own, these are a bit of an underdog. Though they shouldn’t be, because of how much impact these can make with any makeup look.

My Mini Sleek Makeup Blush Collection Swatch

Each blush I have here can work for any occasion and I love all three out of the four. I made a mistake of purchasing Suede 921, which appears more of a peach-orange shade and not a good match for my skin tone (suits fair to light skin tones). I found it difficult to swatch, only after I had to apply at least 10 layers for it to appear on camera. I was merely going by other blogger reviews and swatches online, as there is no store near me that stocks them and therefore could not visit a counter to swatch in the flesh!

My Mini Sleek Makeup Blush Collection Swatches

Apart from the elephant in the room, the other three are just superb. Can you tell how pigmented they appear and I highly recommend you guys check these out, as you will not be disappointed. Antique 142 (soft plum-brown with sliver reflexes) and Sunrise 924 (pink-brown with golden undertone) are new on the collection, but definitely blushes I can see myself wear over Spring and Summer. These contain the right amount of chic and shabby that you need for a day time makeup look. For evening though, I do prefer to opt for Pomegranate 923 (metallic berry) as this colour can be quite intense, can appear dramatic, but still amazing.

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Have you used any Sleek Makeup blushes? What are your favourites?

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