My No Buy Makeup Challenge


Why am I doing this? I want to prove to my hubby and most importantly to myself that I do not need any more makeup. I was inspired by the lovely Stashy over on her blog StashMatters who did a No Buy/Lo Buy and No buy 2015, which you can check out her blog posts here. As you know, being a beauty blogger, a makeup blogger or simply a beauty/makeup fiend has a tendency to hoard a lot more makeup that he or she does not need. The aim of this challenge for me is to be able to separate my feelings from “needs” to “wants” and really value what I already own in my collection. 

There are probably a number of ways to go about this challenge, but I decided to try out this challenge starting on the second half of the year. Today, June 1st 2016 marks the first day of my No Buy Makeup Challenge and ends December 31st 2016, which is the equivalent of 31 weeks and 3 days or 214 days. This challenge will not include receiving sponsored products, press samples, gift cards and gifts.

I will keep you guys updated every couple of weeks to see how I am doing and share some tips on how I utilise my time to finish or close to finish existing makeup. Fingers crossed, I will be able to achieve this and who knows, at the end I might learn a thing or two. Thank you so much for supporting my blog and I will be back with an update soon! 😀 x

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