My Nude Lipsticks on Rotation

My Nude Lipsticks on Rotation

I have been gravitating toward nude type of everyday lipsticks and it is no secret that these types of lipsticks are my all time favourite. I do own a few statement lipsticks as well, but I find that I only ever really use them when I have a function to attend or want to spice up a makeup look.  

You could probably find dupes for these in the drugstore, but at the time of me purchasing most of them, I was in the mood to splurge or had a discount voucher to use and therefore just ended up with these brands. Although, my roots when it comes to makeup is definitely drugstore, as a beauty blogger, it is nice to have the option to step outside of this realm and occasionally try high end makeup. It is not all that important, but I do enjoy owning some luxury products in my collection.

My Nude Lipsticks on Rotation 1

These nude lipsticks have a thing in common, to me they look almost the same, maybe similar in some aspects but shade variations differ slightly. What I find is that when applied to my lips, they all appear close to my natural lip colour.

– M.A.C Matte Taupe is a true brown shade and a recent addition to my everyday nudes lipstick collection.
– Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Bond Girl is my go to for when I am feeling the 90s creeping on! Bond Girl is more of a chocolate berry with an addictive scent of cocoa.
– Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate 19 is like the OG of my nudes as this is an old favourite. It is a brownish-pink shade that is a perfect dupe for M.A.C Amplified Creme Cosmo.

My Nude Lipsticks on Rotation Swatches

– Marc Jacobs New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel Role Play is a brownish rose shade and is probably one of the more closest shade to my natural lip colour. I tend to gravitate toward this when I am going for the no makeup-makeup look.
– Clinique Lip Colour + Primer Bare Pop is a brownish pink shade with tiny gold reflexes. I have a weak spot for Clinique lipsticks that I even bought a few more in this lip line.
– Clinique Lip Colour + Primer Blush Pop is rose pinkish shade with tiny gold reflexes that I did not realise until recently but it actually is visible on the lips. It is not a big deal, but it might be a deal breaker for some of you guys.

I love how creamy these lipsticks are and how moisturising they feel on the lips. All of these lipsticks mentioned today have a high level of pigmentation and highly recommend you check them out. These are absolutely lovely, wearable everyday lipsticks and if you do not already own them, make sure to check them out on your next shopping trip.

What is your favourite nude lipstick to wear everyday?

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