Nars Under Cover Collection Lip Cover + Blush

Nars Under Cover Collection Lip Cover + Blush 2

NARS cosmetics is a brand I am sort of aware that I am probably one of the last few (bloggers) that have caught on. It is never too late to join the bandwagon, but maybe I have not fallen too far behind. In fact, I managed to score myself a new limited edition product, which if you are avid fans of NARS, this is no new news to you. 

NARS packaging is simple and slick, just like M.A.C cosmetics. I guess you can never go wrong with simple black and white and often you know who you are dealing with. I picked up the what I would call the underdog of NARS’ permanent blush line, NARS Blush Madly. I may have had NARS blushes on my wish lists for the longest time, but I finally took the plunge and bought the one that I had to have. I love a good blush that is perfect for everyday wear, a colour that does not go out of style, trend or season and is simply one that goes with everything.

Nars Under Cover Collection Lip Cover + Blush

I find it difficult at times when I can not find one that fits into my lifestyle, as I seemingly always have to hunt down the perfect neutral and functional colour for my cheeks. Look and behold, I have madly, a seashell pink shade that really appears more like a muted peachy-bronzy-champagney shade. I find that it just adds a touch of colour to my cheeks and gives them more dimension and life. This is great if you have medium to tan skin tones.

From time to time makeup brands launch limited edition products, which showcases artworks incorporated with their packaging. I especially like NARS’ 2016 Summer Under Cover Collection, which features original illustrations by Konstantin Kakanias. The collection consists of limited edition heavily pigmented lip covers, dual-intensity eyeshadows and blushes.

ars Under Cover Collection Lip Cover + Blush 7

Nars Under Cover Collection Lip Cover + Blush 8

As you know, I could not stay far from a solid nude shade and it was clear that NARS Under Cover Collection Lip Cover Overheated would be my target. I have just been so drawn to the exterior packaging and this one really spoke to me. This is a pre-no makeup buy challenge purchase, just in case you were wondering. Anyway, the packaging is too cute not to keep, but what I found to be disappointing is what the lip cover is incased–a black tube. Block coloured tubes are ones that I try to stay clear of, no matter if the actual product is amazing. But because the illustration on the packaging sucked me in, it landed in my cart. The product itself is gorgeous and highly pigmented and has this luscious creamy formula that you can expect with NARS’ liquid lipsticks. Overheated is a lovely medium-dusty rose-mauve shade that if you are a fan of earthy-neutral-nudes, this will be perfect to add to your collection.

What are some of your favourite NARS makeup products? 

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