NÉCESSAIRE The Deodorant Eucalyptus

I have been on a natural deodorant journey since 2017/18, trying different types from roll-ons, stick, spray and cream. I eventually settled with cream deodorants because they seemed to work better for my skin type and overall they seemed to perform better for my mum lifestyle.


The NÉCESSAIRE has created a line of the deodorants with different scents: eucalyptus, sandalwood and fragrance-free. Naturally, I was drawn to the fragrance-free just because the one I’ve been using is also fragrance-free from another brand. This time I wanted to try one with some fragrance and whether I could expand my cream deodorant options.


Treat your body like your face. The Deodorant is a multi-acid and multi-mineral cream for odor control. – NÉCESSAIRE.com

The Deodorant 50ml US$20

The deodorant eucalyptus is described as a multi-acid and multi-mineral cream for odour control with a pH level: 3.5 to 4.5. It has been formulated with a complex of mandelic and lactic acids to help neutralise odour, as well as silica, zinc, and kaolin clay. There are NO baking soda, synthetic fragrances, and parabens. According to their website the scent will vary from the body wash and the body exfoliator due to the mandelic and lactic acids.


The deodorant is housed in this plastic non-refillable tube with a twist at the bottom, cap with black text. It is easy to use by simply turning the bottom clockwise until the cream deodorant appears at the top through the holes. You don’t need that much and I used my fingers to apply to my armpits until it absorbed.


It left skin moisturised, no sticky or tacky residue. I could smell a subtle eucalyptus scent from opening the cap, however, the scent is different when it is applied onto my skin. I felt like I stink more with it on. I have tried it 3 days in a row and still the deodorant just didn’t seem to “neutralise the odour”. I even did an armpit scrub prior to using this new product, but it just made me feel kind of insecure to go out knowing that it would make my clean armpits smell bad.


This could be because I may have not used it long enough and at times, it can take a bit longer for certain deodorants to work. The other cream deodorant I am using took no time to get used to and on the first use after transitioning, my armpits did not have an odour.


I did like that the deodorant kept my armpits dry throughout the day, but helping to neutralise them did quite the opposite in my opinion. It was a shame that it didn’t smell anything close to a natural eucalyptus scent, I recalled more of an artificial eucalyptus or even an off-eucalyptus scent. The scent was unpleasant on my skin and won’t repurchase this one.


I would probably continue to use it just being at home and may consider purchasing the fragrance-free once the product is back in stock online. It seems to be very popular and have put it on a waitlist.


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