NEST Fine Fragrances Collection

NEST Fine Fragrances Collection 1

In my previous post, I mentioned I was invited to preview NEST Fine Fragrances, as they are set to launch here at Sephora Australia stores this month. The team at One Daydream PR, sent us (bloggers/vloggers) away on an ultimate shopping experience of sampling the collection and a privilege to take home fragrances that we enjoyed.

In 2012, Laura Slatkin unveiled NEST Fine Fragrances, inspired to create the NEST Fine Fragrances Collection after discovering the artworks of 18th C. British artist Mrs. Delany, by cutting thousands of small pieces of coloured tissue paper and mounting them on to a black canvas. The inspiration had been adapted, as well as using mood boards to help create and develop the identity of each fragrance in this collection.

NEST Fine Fragrances Collection 2

*NEST Fragrance White Sandalwood Eau De Parfum 50ml – An intoxicating, memorable scent combining creamy almond and white musk with exotic spices. To me, this is more of a masculine scent that I would gladly give to my husband.

*NEST Fragrance Paradise Eau De Parfum 50ml – A luscious, fragrant burst of fresh Mediterranean blood orange and cedarwood is lightened with a hint of white ginger. The scent to me is more sweet and my least favourite of the bunch.

*NEST Fragrance Dahlia & Vines Eau De Parfum 50ml – A graceful union of daffodil, peony, and rose with the elegant essence of garden vines. One of my favourites at the moment. I love floral scent and this also gives a lovely romantic vibe.

NEST Fine Fragrances Collection 3

*NEST Fragrance Indigo Eau De Parfum 8ml – A captivating scent with notes of Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood, and black cardamom with hints of wild fig and bergamot. This to me is more woody and something that is suited for transitional seasons of Autumn-Winter.

*NEST Fragrance Verde Eau De Parfum 8ml – An invigorating, light scent marrying leafy accords and muck with notes of wild fern, Himalayan cedar, verbena leaves and vetiver. This has a fresh scent that is not typical, but one I would wear during Summer.

NEST Fine Fragrances Collection 4

*NEST Fragrance Citrine Eau De Parfum 8ml – A soft, dewy blend of lotus flower and freesia is set against the brightness and sparking citrus. This is the light scent of the bunch, but one if I recall is suppose to make you happy. If I ever have a bad day that needs to be turned around pronto, this will be the one to look out for!

*NEST Fragrance Midnight Fleur Eau De Parfum 8ml – A bold, sensual combination of exotic wood, black amber and patchouli meets night-blooming jasmine and vanilla orchid. Another Autumnal scent that is also perfect to wear for special evening occasions.

^NEST Fragrance descriptors taken from the website.

Have you tried NEST Fine Fragrances? Which one is your favourite scent?

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