New-to-Me Makeup from Rimmel

I have been testing out a few new makeup releases from Rimmel recently that it’s time I share my thoughts on them with you. These products may not necessarily be the latest, but they are certainly new to me. Continue reading to learn more about them.

*Wake Me Up Concealer Classic Beige 7ml

I have enjoyed using other Rimmel concealers in the past, but this one is really up my alley. This concealer kind of reminds me of the NARS radiant creamy concealer, however not as creamy in consistency, but wonderful at concealing dark circles, shadows under the eyes, as well as spots and blemishes around the face. It overall gives a brightening effect, which I love and it doesn’t sit on creases or becomes patchy. I used a blending sponge on my face, which I noticed it evenly concealed areas that I wanted to hide. The shade is lighter than the foundation, which I don’t mind at all, as this can be used to highlight different parts of the face as well. This is available in 2 other shades.

*Wake Me Up Foundation SPF20 Classic Beige 30ml

Just like its partner in crime, I have enjoyed other foundation lines from Rimmel as well. This one appeared lighter for my face complexion, however feel that it compliments my neck complexion, which is lighter than my face. The texture is lightweight and is easily blended using a beauty blender sponge without slipping or becoming patchy. I’ve heard this was a reformulated, however found that this version does contain tiny specks of silver shimmer aka radiance pearls to give you that extra glow. Though, I do like the consistency and coverage of this foundation, which is light but buildable, I’m not particularly fond of the shimmer in the formula. The finish is semi-matte, as it contains those radiance pearls that do give the skin a lovely fresh and dewy finish without going over the top. This is available in five other shades.

*Brow Shake Filling Powder Dark Brown 0.7g

Rimmel has been one of my go-tos when it comes to brow products. This one happens to be another I have been happy to include in my makeup routine recently. I like that the dark brown shade is a true shade without any reddish undertone peeping out. The brow powder formula feels light on the brows as it evenly coats my dark hairs and gives a temporary tint. The only downside I have found thus far is that it can smudge when my finger brushes against the brows. To fix this tiny issue, use a clear brow mascara to set the brow powder in place. This is available in four other shades.

*Volume Shake Mascara 9ml

Rimmel holds some of my favourite drugstore mascaras and I’d like to think I can add this one to that list. This could be a bit gimmicky or just exciting way to reapply mascara without the product drying out. Rimmel uses a water-gel structure made from a unique combination of water and waxes. Whenever the tube is shaken–the exclusive cylindrical agitator inside the mascara refreshes the formula to a creamy consistency every time. After two coats, this mascara has given my lashes length, volume, zero-clump and is smudge-free.

Have you tried any of these new Rimmel products?


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